I suppose this is where (if anywhere) this belongs.

The 2007 world championships (both jr and sr) in roller skating are currently being held on the Gold Coast of Australia.

There's an unreliable confusing 'feed' at the roller sports page, but if you go to this page


and go to the right and look to the right for links with the word 'update'

as in 2007 "Figure Junior World Championships - Update #3" the link will take you to a page with that days results and (home) videos of the American competitors.

Notes of interest (maybe):

Unlike last year when they used a white floor, this championship is using the traditional (for rollers) wood floor (but with figures layed out in white instead of the usual black). I think the white floor is better in most ways but does make it look a little like they're apeing figure skating.

Solo dance: Either I'm missing something or there are more solo dance entrants than total entrants in the traditional pairs dance competition. Solo dance (on rollers) seems to be two compulsory dances and something like an OD (but no constraints on rhythms/music*). Males and females compete against each other and the gold and silver medalists are an American lady and man respectively.

*I'd generally prefer something like this format for Ice Dance as well.