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Thread: Sequins and scandals Article

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    Sequins and scandals Article

    On the main page of golden skate there is an article in the In the News section titled sequins and scandals. This article is so funny and so true. I would recommend reading it. Also, look at the slide show. They are some really great pictures and some funny captions. In fact one of the captions said that the skaters have to skate in the mist of of all these problems including emotions problems...and who do they show in this picture...the italian pairs team who fought there way through two days worth of practices!!

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    size="6"]super Article[/size][/

    should Be Read By All Fans

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    While I agree with a great deal of this article (particularly the parts about the atrocity that is the new start order process); nevertheless at the end of it I couldn't help but think, that's an awful lot of words to just say 'my coach and my coach's coach wuz robbed.' And being a numbers guy, I would note that, yes, N&B were scored 7 points lower in PCS vs. TES, but EVERY couple was scored lower in PCS vs. TES -- anywhere from 2 to 8 points lower.

    In case anyone hasn't noticed it yet, there is a clear pattern this season for the PC scores to be lower than the element scores across the board, for all events.

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