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Thread: if not the CoP... then what?

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    if not the CoP... then what?

    Alright... we've been bickering for at least the last year (ok since its birth) that the CoP is 'ruining the sport'... but it's obvious the 6.0 system had run its course and was also seeing people frustrated with judging...

    so if not for these two systems... what would YOU do to have the 'perfect' system

    personally as long as we have the presenation/artistic mark we're going to have a way less than perfect system no matter what you call it and what numbers you use... that being said I know we don't want to see that leave the sport ... so... what do you propose?

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    I infinitely preferred the 6.0 system,and saw very little wrong with it. There are going to be power plays ,politicking , and polemical decisions regardless of the system, and that's just the nature of a subjective sport.

    Under the COP, I have to admit that I thoroughly dislike that judges in effect don't place skaters anymore. There may have been some decisions that I may thoroughly have disagreed with, and some that I will defend despite their unpopularity, but in all honesty the skating that drew me in and made me a fan was all done under 6.0. I will admit, it is nicer that numbers mean something now and aren't just placeholders , I like that singles now has more emphasis on steps and spins (both of which were previously dumbed down in favor of jumps ) ,but I miss the creativity, the use of music , the fact that skaters used to do what they could do well, and wouldn't bother with things that didn't show them off just because they get more points. Dance is the only discipline I still watch regularly

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