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Thread: Random question...

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    Random question...

    can you get high off of someone who forsure was getting there/is there who is just sitting next to you...

    I'm sitting in teh commons area at the school and this girl is totally reeking of weed... and I seriously think I'm feeling dizzy (and I know it's what's causing my stomach to turn)...

    so ... can it affect me that way or is it all in my head?

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    The stench may be upsetting your stomach but I don't think you're getting high. I mean she'd have to be a walking joint in order for that to happen

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    Unless she was actually smoking it beside you, I don't think it would have any effect. The smell is strong though, so I'm sure it could cause minor nausea just to smell it.

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    You could be allergic to cannabis

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    0 Not allowed! can't get high from just smelling someone who reeks of that kind of smoke. It's probably a combination of the smell bothering you and your imagination thinking about if it's possible.

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    I believe you have to actually inhale the SMOKE itself. As for your reaction, that probably operates on the same principle as people who get nauseated by really nasty perfume....

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