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Thread: Langlois and Hay Is Starting to Catch on Me!

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    Langlois and Hay Is Starting to Catch on Me!

    I wasn't really impress with this team until their Long Program performance at Worlds last year. I'm really starting to like this team, and I think they can be on top soon. They have such a nice, smooth quality. They have the technical goods as well as the connection to the audience and with each other. Plus you gotta love Langlois fire and her Throw Triple Lutz.

    Honestly, I prefer this match up over Langlois and Archetto. Only really weak point with this team are their SBS spins on Cody's part.

    Here's their Skate Canada performance:

    Nice quality. I've seen better footwork from them, but the program overall is a nice package. Thought they should have been 3rd, Kawaguchi / Smirnov FP was a little too fake and fluffy. Plus their lines and posture are not as good as Langlois and Hay. We shall see how they far against the Ukrainians (whom I prefer over Kawaguchi/Smirnov) at NHK.

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    They skated very nicely in Skate Canada. Better than K/S? I would say yes in the 6.0 system but I'd have to look at the CoP protocols in the scores and see if I agree with them. Kawaguchi had several problems in their LP.


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    I was dissappointed to see K/S come ahead of L/H. To me K/S were very shaky and their lifts did not look perfected. The flow was not there for them. Hopefully, they (L/H) will get more training in and become a pair to contend with.

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