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Thread: Classes of Skaters

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    Classes of Skaters

    Is it me or does CoP seem to be dividing skaters into visible groups. Scores can almost reflect what happen in a competition by themselves. It seem to me there are four classes of skaters in senoir singls. Maybe I am just imagining things. What your opinon

    Men (Consistantly Score)
    Class A ;Short Program (75 +) Long Program (145 +) Joubert, Takahashi, Lambiel
    Class B; Short Program (65 -75) Long Program( 130-145) Lyseck, Buttle, Wier, Oda
    Class C;Short Program(55-65) Long Program(115-130) Jamal Othman, Bradley
    Class D; Short Program <55 Long Program <115

    Class A ;Short Program (64+) Long Program (116 +) Mao, Miki, Yu Na, Kimmie
    Class B; Short Program (54 -64) Long Program( 100-116) Carolina Kostner, Nakano,Maybe Caroline Zhang, Mier
    Class C;Short Program(44-54) Long Program(84-100) Allisa Cinzsky, Emily Hughs
    Class D; Short Program <44 Long Program <84

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    Well, I think this point system makes it easier to see discrepancies between skaters by providing a quantified means. So, I would agree with you.

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    Yeah you're right but under the 6.0 system was it really so different? You could pretty much predict what type of scores their program would receive & then make adjustments based on the quality of their performance.

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    I think you could narrow your groups down to two by combining class A & B, and class C & D. There really isn't much different between the A & B groups, especially among the men, which are the ones I more regularly follow. All of them have scored SP's over 75 and LP's over 150. They are continually improving on their personal best score, even though they flip back and forth depending on what is happening at whichever competition.

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