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Thread: Only You/Long Tall Sally

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    Only You/Long Tall Sally

    While surfing for Evgeni stuff on the web, I came across the above. What I'm saying isn't directly aimed at anybody on this board in particular, but this is a subject that I feel very strongly about so I thought I would make my opinions known here.

    I notice that many of the posters in the link above disliked the program Evgeni did at Worlds "Only You/Long Tall Sally". You know that awful feeling when everyone seems not to like something that you absolutely adore? I haven't felt this way since I read the anti-Plush stuff in the rssif group and elsewhere.

    Maybe I can attempt to explain why I feel that OY/LTS is a masterful stroke of comic genius and just absolutely took my breath away, rolling on the floor in helpless laughter, tears of joy streaming down my face. It was also one of the only things that truly made me laugh in quite a long time.

    First of all, some of the best humor comes when someone is poking fun at themselves, or "self-deprecating" humor. It makes the audience see the same things within themselves, and they can relate to it. "Sex Bomb" is an example of this. Everybody knows Evgeni is skinny, including Evgeni himself. Evgeni wears a fake muscle suit to satirize the expectations of what the "ideal man's" body should look like. (big and muscular). It sort of like the audience sees Evgeni living out a fantasy where he is the "ideal man" (at least in the eyes of society; a "sex bomb") and not his usual skinny self.

    Again with OY/LTS Evgeni parodies himself, this time by wearing a giant costume of himself. I would have laughed out loud at even the thought of someone doing that! A giant costume of *himself*, wow. See, that's what I love and admire about Evgeni. He does things that NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) would ever even *think* of doing. The fact that is was something that had never been done before just wowed, amazed, speechless, I don't know how to describe it! I thought SB was the pinnacle of how fabulous an exhibition program could be, I just couldn't think of anything that could top it, only to be proven *wrong* again!

    And "Only You" is just a romantic song and I feel so into the program with the balloon and the flower. The concept is hilarious and it's so sweet all at the same time. LTS is also a kick ass song. I don't know maybe these were what was popular when Mishin was young, back in the '50s?

    Anyway, I dearly wished I could have seen it live, but the nearest show was in (LA? Sacramento?) which was just too far and I had already seen COI last year (It's too expensive for me to see *every* year. ) And Zhenya wound up doing his LP at those shows anyway, did he not? Oh well. Good for those who didn't love OY/LTS. Sad for me, who did.

    Cynthia Marie

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    Ah, back in the 50s when Michin was young. Yes, indeed, Little Richard ruled!

    "Gonna tell Aunt Mary 'bout Uncle John,
    he says he has the blues but he has a lotta fun.

    "Well, long tall Sally has a lot on the ball
    and nobody cares if she's long and tall.

    "Well, I saw Uncle John with long tall Sally.
    He saw Aunt Mary commin' and he ducked back in the alley.
    Oh baby,
    ye-e-e-eh baby,
    woo-o-o-oh baby,
    havin' me some fun tonight."

    ITA. Sex Bomb was the funniest program I ever saw -- until the Big Head program. How about when the flower drooped when he offered it to a lady in the audience. I think that only a world champion could have the confidence to do a self-parody like that. I want to see my favorite skater, Michelle Kwan, "do herself" some time!


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    CYNTHIA: Preachin' to the choir sista! I love Pleshy. I was amazed/amused to see him poke fun with his programs. He seems so intense about his skating, then to come out and do those programs was great! I remember seeing him smile for the first time at CoI in Vegas (it was my first kive skating event), and I about fell out of my seat. I had never seen him smile on the ice. Fear not my fellow fan...Pleshy fans are alive and well!

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    I'm not a fan... but the whole "I get hurt when someone doesn't accept my favorite program/skater" is understood by all I'm sure.

    However... I have to do like my pastor says when you're offended by something like this... "get over it" you like Plushy, I don't... you like the program, I don't... it's not a personal attack. You may not like Kurt Browning, Scott Hamilton or StevenCousins... but I find them all to be amazing and wonderful... it's all personal preference.

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    Cynthia Marie:

    I read this post over in Plush Room and of course I sympathize. I did say that I was happy he didn't do the "Big Giant Head" program when I saw COI this year, but that was simply because I'd never seen Zhenya before and wanted to see him in all his glory, including his face I've never even SEEN OY/LTS but from what I've heard about it, your points are very valid about the program. Never fear! Plushy has enough fans that a few who don't like a program shouldn't put a damper on our adoration


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    I happen to like Plushy's skating very much. He is an amazingly fast and I think artistic skater. I even liked "Sex Bomb". It takes a skater (or anyone for that matter) who has confidence in themself and their ability to put their reputation on the line and skate the music and programs they like. Plushenko appears to be that type of skater.........good for him. 42 (Did that answer the question.......? )

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