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Thread: Cup of China on TV

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    Cup of China on TV

    ESPN was so much better than it was at Skate Canada. Of course, I will never be satisfied until I see everyone.

    Pairs No surprise about P&T but not overwhelmed.

    McLauglin/Brubaker - no surprise but happy they are getting this international experiene and that Tripl Lift and let go to Parallel to the Ice (whatever the short name is) was as good as the best of Pairs. Definitely a wow, He's solid as a rock and she will come along as she gets older (what is she 14?). I think the future forebodes great successes.

    Zhang/Wang - Coppelia excerpts with the famous Mazurka. Tough dance to learn, the beat is on the second step. No where did I see it. Otherwised there is talent with this team, but as my Russian Ballet teacher would say, Vork, Vork, vork jhoey, it's not enough to be cute.

    Miller/Moram - lots of hard work needed here but if they do they will be competitive.


    Kerrs - I'm afraid they are on the doomed list, but I thought that space walk was a lot of fun and excellent dancing. Dance judges don't like innovation except in dance lifts and shoot the duck positions.

    Faiella/Scali - also v. interesting in innovation.

    Belbin/Agosto - I don't think anyone could have captured Chopin better. The moods of the music were all there in the skating.

    Domnina/Shab - I thought they danced rather well, but it is so heavy. The music is the Masquerade Waltz, and it has overtones of doom, in my opinion, but others feel differently. It's a waltz though.

    The Men

    IMO, I think something is wrong with Stephane. It could be personal or medically. He should not have those two ahead of him.

    Johnny was whelming - neither under nor over. It was, however, good to see him back to where he was.

    I hate to think the only way Evan can beat Johnny is with a quad, but apparently that seems to be it. He did skate well at CoC except for the quad.

    The Ladies

    The results were exactly as they should be. YuNa Rules!!


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    i did not see all of it yet, i watched the begining and taped the rest.

    The pairs event was a mess. The silver and gold medlaists skateted very poorly and wound up with medals. I heard about the air quiality casuing problems. i feel sorry for the athletes in the olympics in 2008. Pang and Tong were OK, there are some good moments in that program, but it's not the masterpeice that I thought it would be. McLauglin/Brubaker.... I was impressed with them. They have good feeling with the music and the split triple twist was stunning. The frist time I saw them and I like them. But she needs to land those jumps.

    Caroline zhang's SP was beautiful, she looked so happy too! i can't belive that they placed carolina ahead of carloline. i did not like carolina's SP at all. the music was bad, chreogpahy almost as bad. I think a unitard would have looked good for that program. I liked yu-na. She pulled off the waltz very well, hard to do.

    I was impressed with Evan, he finally did a good SP. Johnny did not inspire me, he was clean and neat, and I like the arms on his landings, but other than that nothing to write home about. Stephane. hmmm. what is it about the great artists that they can't find motivation? Johnny was the same last season. He is so talented(stephane) i would love to see him skate well.

    Much better than last Sunday. At least we get to see the pairs, dance and Short programs! This is more like it. I really don't know why we got to see nothing last week???

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    just saw the Cup of China on ESPN

    A few comments:

    The Pairs:
    Okay to Pang and Tong: EAT SOMETHING, they are so gaunt, their cheeks are really sunken in, its so disgusting, I found myself screaming at the television EAT SOMETHING **** it. I did like the new American and Canadian pairs they look really good together and they are showing an enormous amount of potential.

    The Dance:
    Please someone get rid of the folk dancing and drown the yankee polka. I do not see the appeal of Dom and Shab so it really gets me upset when they get better results than the inventive Kerrs. On that note Susie Wynne its KERRS not CARES, emphasis on the K. The Zaretskis were brilliant, I cannot stand the Italians and their costumes, I would have perfered the Kerrs or the Zaretskis getting the Bronze over them. Tantih and Ben were great totally deserved the win.

    The Men:
    SO HAPPY that Johnny won, now he just needs to lose the outfit. On a seperated note: EVAN!!! I had a lot of problems with his performance, it was not passionate at all and there was not much in between the jumps. Second did anybody see that during the kiss and cry before his final scores came up Evan just walked out leaving Frank sitting there alone. That was really bad sportsmanship. Evan also acted like a brat to Peter C. during the interview. Another thing why does Evan only do latin music and maybe a musical, ever heard of variety Evan, or originality? Tosca? Come on!! Poor Stephane Lambiel, I feel so bad for him, he will come back strong at worlds. Why did Sergei's costume have pink cuffs and a pink collar?

    I did not watch the ladies so I cannot comment.

    Other than that Good Job Johnny

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    Well here are my comments...

    It was nice to see so much more televised then there was for Skate Canada.

    Nice to see that Tanith and Ben changed their outfits for the OD and FD. Although I did like Tanith's FD outfit at Skate America. Ben's outfit was the same.

    Does Johnny have a modified version of Dorothy Hamill's famous wedge haircut?

    Evan's performance did not have nearly enough feeling as it did at Skate American. Then again this was viewing it live vs. viewing it on television.

    I am still impressed with Carolina Zhang.

    I realize how much I like Peter Carruthers!!!

    I was really impressed with the Kerr's program. I don't know why but I really liked it. I don't know much about them but this was an interesting program that really caught my attention.

    Carolina Kostner...not a fan....probably won't ever be a fan.

    Massimo....why did you cut your hair and grow facial hair? didn't get a Massimo dance for this look!!

    Stephane Lambiel....I really don't like him at all.

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