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Thread: advice - skates and different length legs

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    Question advice - skates and different length legs

    Thought I'd try here for advice. My legs are slightly different lengths - about 2" difference. My normal shoes have a 1.5" buildup on the short side to compensate, but some things I do barefoot (e.g. dancing). Should I build up between the sole of my skate boot and the blade, or leave it as is? I've only been skating for two months, and I'm having trouble figuring out whether it's better to keep things as is, or go with the buildup.
    Another issue is that the buildup is fairly heavy, and the short leg is weaker already, so part of the reason for avoiding the buildup (other than cost) is the weight factor.
    Does anyone have experience with this issue?

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    You need to see a really good orthodics guy who is familiar with skating. I know mine has dealt with leg length issues, but not to your extent.

    Building up the heel with cork, would not add much weight -- Riedell 1500's have cork soles that are light as a feather (but tend to rot if not treated regularly).

    BTW Ice dancers with tall partners tend to 'heighten' in the heels all the time. In fact, Nikoli Morozov (I know- spelling!) has HUGE heels on his skates. The must be at least 3 inches high. Always wanted to ask him why, but never thought about it whenever I was in a seminar with him.

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