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Thread: Dance event at Nationals

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    Dance event at Nationals

    The ice dance at Nationals this year could also be interesting. Belbin/Agosto will obviously win. Davis/White most pretended to ascend to the #2 spot this year, and some even thought before the season they might challenge Belbin/Agosto. They got off to a slow start but picked up by their second GP event, will it be enough to be silver here though. Gregory/Petuhkov will hopefully be recovered to give a battle for that silver too, they have held the #2 spot in the U.S for awhile now, but last year they barely nipped Davis/White, and at Worlds were beaten by them soundly. There are also some young teams to challenge.

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    Well I don't want to jinx Melissa and Denis more than I already have...

    but I still want to scream it out! GO MELDEN!

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    Davis and White to make a HUGE statement for the USFS or fall by the wayside.


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