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    Tapes available

    I have more tapes available then I realized, if you are looking for anything my list dates back to '77

    e-mail me at
    also check out my trading sites:

    Tape #1 This years fall 2007 Evening of Champions Skating Exh. at Harvard, Aired this weekend on CN8, comcast cable channel

    Tape #10
    Home Video, Nancy Kerrigan competitions 1981-1989, jrs. and regionals and nationals

    Tape #11 a 4 hour tape of Tonya and Nancy news reports and interviews from the 1994 olympics, includes cbs this
    morning, local Boston Coverage, Fox news 1998 (4 yrs.later), olympic preview, ESPN, CNN, dateline, harcopy ect...

    Tape #12
    2007 junior grand prix CN8

    tape #21
    1998, Breaking the Ice, Nancy & Tonya revisited
    1998 Vail Colorado Festival, (pre-1998 olympic
    showcase) stars on Ice with amateur skaters

    Tape #22
    a tape of figure skater interviews fall 97-spring 98 includes:Surya, Illia Kulik, Rudi Galindo and Tara Lipinski on Rosie, Nancy Kerrigan on regis and lee, Gayle King and the view, Michelle Kwan and Tara
    Lipinski on Good Morning America, Extra, Stars on Ice on today show and many others

    Tape #31
    from 1996 Hip to be fit, Kristy yamaguchi and the
    California Raisins teach kids about good nutrition and
    fitness from presidents council on fitness about :20
    minutes long, Exhibitions from World Challenge of
    Champions, Skates of Gold III, Sergei's last
    performance with Katya to "Requiem" Kurt Browning PBS
    "you must remember this" Yamaguchi psa on using words
    rather than violence,
    Holiday Festival on Ice, Kristy, Paul, B. orser, Hough
    and Ledret, Ilia Kulik, chen lu, Ros sumners, meno and
    Elvis airborn :45 minutes, Elvis Tour of Champions,
    Hough and Ledret, michele kwan, B. orser, Liz manley,
    usova and Zhulin, Rudi galindo, Braseur and Issler,
    Philip Candelario, from CTV
    CBS Skates X2, single skater in teams of two compete
    against each other.

    tape #35
    Skating 2006-07
    end of grand prix final, dance, pairs, women
    Stars on Ice (missed beginning)
    Holiday Festival on Ice, Brian Skating Spectacular
    Cup of China and Trophee Bombard

    tape #36
    This years Fall 2007 Kristy Yamaguchi and Friends

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    Hip to Be Fit

    I'm interested in Tape #31 with the "Hip to Be Fit" video starring Kristi Yamaguchi. I don't have any trades to offer, but I could compensate you for your time and efforts to dub and send a copy. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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