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    "For those who have watched her perform for years, through good times and bad, it seemed almost inevitable. That's how fragile the psyche of Miki Ando is......"

    "Time for Ando to look beyond ice reasons for inconsistency."
    Here is the 12/9/07 article from The Japan Times:

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    I think the treatment Miki has been getting - started out getting hyped as the greatest thing since sliced bread; torn to shreds for not living up to the impossible; and now even though she has a major title under her belt (that Mao Asada lacks), she is still a victim of Mao-mania -- has been very bad for her -- it is almost like psychological whiplash.

    I also believe that the press getting off of her back would be a good thing. Trying to get her to do things that violate her cultural norms could easily do more harm than good. Also -- last season, she had a complete meltdown at the GPF and recovered for worlds, so maybe she can do the same.
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