Did you ever notice how certain skaters practically announce to the world when they're about to execute specific jumps? Without attempting to be nitpicky -- whenever Gregorz Filopowski, the 1989 World bronze medalist, was about to try a triple lutz, well, EVERYBODY knew he was trying to execute that jump. Typically, he would start his preparation close to the far end of the rink, and his backward glance/preparation carried him clear across the rink to the other side. Not much mystery there. Granted, a triple lutz does require a certain amount of lead-in time and preparation for the take-off, but IMHO, that kind of extended leadup to a jump is poor technique. It also takes up precious seconds of the program.

Another example is the triple axel. How many times have we watched our favorite skaters stroke around purposely just prior to trying a triple axel? Again, not much of an element of surprise.

I think it's refreshing when a skater seems to launch a triple jump out of the blue, so to speak. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I say, "Hallelujah!".

Just my two cents, of course.