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Thread: "Why" FAQ: Udpdated 11/27/15

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    "Why" FAQ: Udpdated 11/27/15

    Q: Why can't we post POLLS?

    A: There was a time we allowed polls, however they became redundant and began to clutter the forum. We then created a sub-forum for just polls, however, folks lost interest so we disabled them altogether. However, there may be times on occasion when a moderator may post a poll in conjunction with a project.

    Q: Why was my post deleted?

    A: In most cases, posts are not deleted, but are moderated instead. Moderated posts are “hidden” from the public and are only viewable by moderators.

    Q: Why was my post moderated?

    A: Posts that are moderated are those which the moderators (as a team) decide do not belong in a forum. It may be as a result of redundancy, conflict with another thread, or negative content. See Guidelines.

    Q: Why does “XYZ” moderator always moderate my posts?

    A: Decisions are made collectively by all the moderators as a team.

    Q: I sent “XYZ” moderator a private message about a problem I’m having, but he/she has not responded.

    A: Moderators are not permitted to respond to private messages and emails for complaints due to conflict of interest. Complaints are to be sent through the “Report Post” feature so that each situation can be reviewed thoroughly by all the moderators.

    Q: Well, why wasn’t something done about my problem?

    A: The GS Forum uses an "Infraction System" in which posters receive warnings and/or penalties based on negative behavior/posting. These infractions are not viewable to the public.

    Q: I noticed that I have an infraction tab on my member page. Can other posters see that I just received a warning?

    A: Only you and the moderators can view your warnings or infractions. The tab is invisible to other posters.

    Q: I just received a warning. I have never received one before. What does that mean? Am I imminent danger of being banned?

    A: No. You are in no imminent danger. A warning is meant to be a gentle reminder to follow the site Guidelines.

    Q: Why did I get a warning and "XYZ" didn't?

    A: Warnings and infractions are not viewable to the public. Actions we take are private and are only known to the moderators and offender(s).

    Q: I've been on this forum for many years and don't understand why "XYZ" hasn't been banned.

    A: Warnings and infractions have various expiration dates depending on the offenses.

    Q: What are my other options if I have a question?

    A: The Feedback folder is the place to ask questions. Please be specific with questions as other posters may benefit from them as well. You can also search the forum FAQ.

    Q: Why was the title to my thread changed?

    A: Forum discussions are tied to into other feeds throughout the site, and depending on the length of characters used, we may find it necessary to shorten the title. In some cases, similar threads are merged together and a title will be edited to reflect the content overall. Sometimes we come across a thread which we find would interest others and is therefore used in the GS weekly newsletter; if so, a title revision may be necessary.
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