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    eew, Robert won the Veto.

    Sluggy, Justin and Jee in the LR were talking about the competition. Sluggo said it was great that "the two of us" were in the final of the comp, and he was talking to Justin. Justin said that it was funny that "Jee got smoked" in the comp. Then they talked about how Robert's Veto Ceremony speeches are so much better than Jee's.

    Jack and Erika continue to eat heapin' helpin' portions of hash. They talk about how different it would have been if they wouldn't have had the "Dana problem". They are preaching to the choir.
    Nate had a bad draw and everybody ganged up on him. He says he never had a chance.

    Ali comes sauntering into BFE and Nate leaves. Ali asks Erika and Jack if they are ok. Erika says yeah, she is just feeling melancholy. They agree Nate didn't have a prayer. Ali says she was very pressured during the veto comp to make moves to help Nate.

    Ali files and files her nails. Ali, Erika Nate and Jack talk about how much better Subway is than BK. They talk about how gross it was that they ate BK whoppers at 9:30am.

    That's all I'm gonna update till Monday!

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    Weekend Recap

    They are talking about the lack of America's choice and luxury challenges this season. Alison asked in the diary room, and they won't tell her anything.

    She decided to slum it awhile and hang with the three stooges. They don't like her calling them that.

    Now they are trying to figure out which stooge they are.

    Robert believes that rules say that if there is a tie, the public decides. And then they will absolutely win because the public must absolutely love them (meaning the slimy little weasel, Gee and Justine.) I'm sure that someone can explain to me how you can have a tie when there are seven judges.

    Alison has fully lept the fence. I can't believe anyone, Dana, Jun or Alison, would join forces with the stooges knowing that they will never vote each other out. To join them means you will never get higher than number 4. To get higher than that you have to get HOH and that would be your chance versus 3 chances for them

    I can see that this week is going to be Lesion's slow crawl back into the sewer as she comes to terms with the fact that she's a faithless freak. She's rehashing Nate taking her off the block. She says she never asked him to take her off the block. I've heard this about chronic liars. They can pass the lie detector tests because they keep telling themselves over and over again the same damn lie. It's a Lesion Pity party now where Lesion is begging Jun to agree that Nate is being a squid by kicking her out of his bed last night and trying to make her feel bad for not saving him. She says he makes her so angry. She's furious.

    Ali asked E how she ended up with Honkbert, as she is a 10 and Rob is a 2, 3 on good days. E Laughs and says that they started dancing together and it progressed from there. Then I think she jokingly says that maybe it was crack hahaha.

    Ali is talking about Amy being a fat little blonde and how she was in the DR slurring about Chi-hora. Erika says she is beautiful. and she hated Chiara She says she was not appealing, she didn't like what she did to Lisa. I agree.

    Jun, and Stooges inside.

    Talking about who they want to win

    justine says no matter what, he doesn't want Ali winning or getting 2nd. Rob says same about Erika, Jun says Ali. Justin says out of "those" 3 he would vote for jack to win.

    Jun is ragging on Ali and how she doesn't take care of herself like Jun thinks a pageant girl should. She then turns on Erika saying how she doesn't work out with them for the full 50 minutes, usually only 15 or so and she NEVER works out her thighs. umm, Jun. Take a look at Erika's body. If that's not clue enough, walk over to the mirror and look at yourself. Now you tell me who needs the full 50 minutes and who doesn't. Don't even talk about thighs Missy Moo

    These guys are asshats. Complete, 100% asshats. I switch feeds to hear asshat#1 (rat) saying go for the engagement (to Jee). You can easily break it off. Engagements don't mean a f--king thing, you can get engaged 50 times and it doesn't mean s--t. He continues to say such father-like things such as: and when you break it off you get to keep the f--king ring. Clearly he has watched Judge Judy. Justin agrees whole heartedly.

    Rob, the role model of the year, has the argument if she says no then you'll have thousands of women to bang. Gosh, and up until now I didn't see what Erika saw in him. My heart goes pitter pat as I look dreamily upon his now attractive and appealing features. Why have I not seen how fascinating he was?

    Jee, by the way, is now actually musing the idea.

    Ali says Cosmo is her bible. No wonder she wanted Nate to just tell her the "good parts" about Revelation. Who needs to hear about death, destruction and the apocalypse when there is a sex quiz on page 96?

    Later, Robert sinks to new depths. He tells Jee and Justin he has been "doing" a girl for 9 years. He says it used to be once every six months, but now it's once a month. Rob and Justin both tell Jee that Jun is still attracted to Jee. Justin offers some lovely fatherly advice and tells him if he is going to run around, then it better be with someone who is worth all the crap that will happen.

    Robert grabs a backhoe and digs down several more miles. Among his gems: "I will not marry a broke b--ch. If I do it again, she has to have money." And later, "What keeps a woman is sex and money. Love has nothing to do with it. You want a woman, you have to pay for it. They just want money." Right about now, Robert is making Scott look like a real gentleman.

    And now the girl bashing begins in force. All girls left in the house? Skanky. Robert says when he goes into the DR he says "which one of these pigs do you want to ask me about?"

    Jun and Alison are laughing about how everyone looked in today's luxury competition. I believe they involved bikinis, for both the men and women. Jun checked out all of their packages. She compliments Robert's, who describes his as skinny and long. *spontaneously goes blind and deaf*

    Jun asks Alison if she's ever had a pencil d--k, and proclaims that it hurts. *head explodes*

    She describes them as jabbing at your ovaries. *sets self on fire*

    Was I really thinking earlier about how I wished the hamsters would talk more. This is a wish gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    Nate decided that his last desperate act, decided to go out swinging. He called out Ali and Jun on all their double dealing, right in front of the Stooges.

    later Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (rat and Justy) are plotting in BY. They are on to Jun and say she is a lying b--ch. Robert confirms Jun, not Ali. They are both pissed off at her. Jeewhiz joins them and they clam up.

    Sluggy saying that b--ch (erika) should have been long gone, and that the only reason she's not there is that the other alliance sucked.

    Erika tells Jack she thinks the perfect final four would be Jee, Jun and the two of them. Jack wonders what the next HoH competition will be. He's sure it's something they haven't seen before.

    Jack is saying that if Jun is tied in with Jee, she knows everything that's going on with the other side, which is good for them. Jack says Jee very rarely separates himself from the stooges to let them talk to him. Erika says it has to be Nathan, Justin, Robert, Alison, in that departing order. Jack says that when they're down to 5 they can gang up on Ali. Erika thinks that it's fine the way the power has shifted back and forth, because it means they don't have to gang up on each other. Jack believes that the intrigue with Ali trying to get him out is useless, because there is no way that OkMo isn't going. They are convinced that Jun is feeding them stuff so that they can get rid of Ali.

    Justin & Robert in the LR. Slugbert is talking about how cool the three Stooges are. He scratches his balls to prove his point and then says, "The people on the outside watching want one of us to win. They're rooting for us. Not Erika."


    Robert and Justin agree that it was always us three. Robert says there's no way they're letting any of the women in.

    Jee has admitted to highlighting his hair once. Wow, in that house he should be under homo-suspicion immediately. Everyone scatter to various rooms and talk about his sexuality!!!

    Jun works her manipulative majic on the stooges implying that Ali & Nate have been talking like they're blue-eyed, blond superior ones to them. Jun is too good at sowing seeds of distrust and conflict; makes me glad I don't work with or for her.

    Ali and Jun in the kitchen. Jun says the sides are clearly drawn now. Ali says there's no point in changing sides now. She knows she's targeted by the Dark Side. Jun says, 'yeah. We know where Jack and Erika stand and they won't separate.' This implies that Ali is a wild card and is targeted.

    Ali goes out and tells all to The Rebels (jack, erika, nat). Ali says she's getting really irritated by Jun. Erika explains to Ali that it's all about breaking up alliances and Jun is dangling on the outskirts of the Stooges. They need to break up the Stooges. Jee is a strong player, but without the head/heart he will be without leadership and will be weak. They have to target Justin and Robert.

    Oh, in the kitchen Ali stupidly told Jun that her agreement with Justin was just for this week. I wonder how long it will take Jun to get that back to the Stooges

    Jack and Erika comment on how disgusting Robert is. Erika says she wonders what she ever saw in him. Jack says, "As you say, you were on cocaine at the time." She gently corrects him, saying "Crack".

    Erika and Jack plotting to ask Jun and Jee to throw HoH. Simultaneously, Jun and Jee have a rendezvous in storeroom where Jun tells Jee that it may be to both their advantage to throw HoH and let Jack and Erika win HoH.

    Nice strategy - assuming Alison and Robert can't win HoH and ruin their plans, that is.

    Clouds and Silver Linings
    Robert sits in the hot tub, looking very sleepy. Jack comments that one day he's going to get in there, fall asleep and drown. Ali sums it up neatly: "On less person to get rid of."
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    I hate Mondays

    Jun is now in the HOH with the Stooges telling them everything Jack said to her this morning and last night. Only she lied about how she told Jack that she would throw HOH if Robert was doing badly. She told the Stooges that she told Jack "no way."

    Now Robert is posturing about how if Jack tries to sell him the same deal, he'll tell him no fucking way. Jun starts beating the "I'm afraid of Jack and he's a pervert" drum. Robert says Jack thinks he knows what is going on in the house, but he doesn't know [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] about anything, or anyone, especially Erika. Justin agrees.

    Jun says that Jack thinks she and Jee would leave one strong f--king alliance to join those motherf--king backstabbers. Robert declares Jack & erika f--king stupid.

    Robert: "Next Wednesday, it's over, it's game over, they might as well just give up and walk out."

    Now Jun beats the "Erika is scary" drum. Robert: "They know they're F---ED this week when we get HOH." Jun says it would be best for Alison to get HOH, if Justin can convince her who to nom, because then the four of them will be eligible for next week. Then Jun says that she and Robert have a better chance of winning it than Jee this week because they've never won it.

    How does that statistically give them a better chance?

    Robert f---ing says something f---ing boring and f---ing lame and I don't f---ing give a f--k so he's f--ked in the head if he f---ing thinks I'm going to f---ing recap his every f---ing word.

    Jun dreamt of Evan Marriott last night. Robert: "He's a f---in' cheeseball. I can believe he was f---ing on TV, he's f---in' weak, he's a f---ing cheeseball." Justin: "He's a CONSTRUCTION WORKER."

    *kill them*

    Nathan is again in the HOH room trying to save his bacon. He has no alliances, and if they leave Jack in the house the Stooges will have three people gunning for them. HA! Nathan just said that he and Justin should team up. Nathan keeps reiterating that he doesn't trust Jerika and that he doesn't have alliances anymore and his word is gold and he wouldn't nominate any of the Stooges, blah blah blah.

    Justin is telling Nathan that he wept for him when he saw Nathan getting twisted around Alison's finger. He tells Nathan that Alison told him that she would never nominate him (Justin), but he knows she would lie to his face and actions speak louder than words. Nathan says that Alison has lied to his face too.

    Now they're bonding over Alison being a two-faced b---h. Justin: "I really don't feel you had a fair chance at this because of her. When you get home, you're going to kick yourself in the ass when you hear all the stuff she said in the Diary Room about you." Justin IS Miss Cleo!

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (Egypt) before this conversation, Alison and Jerika (jack & erika) were talking about how they HAVE to win HOH next week and Jerika warned Alison that the other side would try to pull her over to their side but Alison claims that she's "not a retard" so she's not stupid enough to do that.

    Back to the Boys Club in HOH. Justin asks who Nathan would put up. Nathan says Jun, then stutters. He has no alliances. Nathan says he'll put up whomever the Stooges want. Justin says, no, do what's best for you, but who would you put up? Justin then says that he wouldn't mind if Nathan put up Jun, but he just wants him to keep his word about not putting up one of the Stooges.

    Justin worries about people voting him out because he's strong, but at the same time he doesn't worry because he's ready to leave if need be. Nathan again blames all the ills of the house on "the girls." He hates girls like this. Just talking s--t all the time. Nathan feels like he's in this situation because of the girls. Girls - the root of all evil.

    Justin says if they keep Nathan it's because they need him to do things for them and contribute. They're not going to keep him and then put him up next week. Actions speak louder than words, and if Nathan gets a position of power and makes a move to help the Stooges, that will be rewarded. Holy f---ing s---t, these people are DELUSIONAL. Justin is going to tell Nathan to kiss his ring any second now.

    Justin is willing to take one for the team. He's a team player. If he sees Erika or Jack win HOH this week, he'll step up and know his end is f---ing nigh.

    Justin has played this game with no regrets. The Stooges came into the game as the underdog, and who doesn't like to be the underdog and succeed? I just want someone to drive a stake through your heart, Justin. I don't care if you're an underdog or not.

    Discussion of how awesome they are.

    Nathan sez he won't mind bringing everyone in to hash everything out, but Justin says the best play is ... and then he gets sidetracked and starts talking about how Jack has been approaching Jun and Jee. Justin says that Alison keeps telling him that Jee and Jun have an alliance but it goes in one ear and out the other because he KNOWS that isn't true because he's seen the way Jee/Jun talk to each other, and Alison said the same thing about Robert/Erika having an alliance and he's seen how Robert talks about Erika. Or something.

    Justin now says that the next noms should be Jun and Erika, and then someone uses the Veto to take one of them off and put up ALISON, and then Alison leaves. Because Alison has been stirring up a lot of [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] and she should leave.

    Justin sez that convincing the other two guys is going to take a lot, but he's going to give it a try. It's going to take a lot from him, and a lot from Nathan. Nathan warbles the "I just want a second chance" hymn yet again

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    more details from Monday night

    Cards On Couches. Snotbert is running his fingers through Aliscum's hair, as she lays her head gently between his scantily-clad thighs while on the couch. And? Aliscum's voice is ever-so-irritatingly audibly muffled by his crotch. And? They're all singing 50 Cent songs. Many an unhappy grimace pass over my face. They loudly pierce my ears over whether or not dear ol' Fitty was from Queens (Jee: "He is! He is! Right by the bridge! Queens! I know this. I know this stuff!" So hip, that Jee. Always hanging with Gary and the cool kids. I'm sure he rolled with Fitty over that bridge into the city in his Benz Jeep many a day.)
    Nate: "Yo-aw. Yo-aw. Yo-aw. Yaw shorteh. It's yo-aw birthdeh. We goina partuh like iz yo-aw birthdeh. We goina draaeenk Buh-cuhti like iz yo-aw birthdeh. 'N we dawn gif a fuwk 'cawse is yo-aw birthdeh!"

    I don't know why anyone would call him racist after that lovely display. Really now. Alright, and I can't take anymore card games. Going to look for Erika... and God still hates me, because Erika just joined the card game as a riveted spectator. I'm imprisoned here now. Oh, so sad. Isn't this scheme hour? Scheme, people! I demand it. Fill your shiny silver buckets with hope and promising machinations!
    Nate is really spinning the pearls of wisdom that endeared us all to him, too, like: "I just f--king hate that Erika got this far. She didn't do anything to deserve it. I-- we-- won at least one competition each, we earned it. But people like her and Jack didn't do jacks--t." The two ugliest Stooges nod and mutter various forms of vague agreements, trying their best to befriend him and garner his vote if either of them get to the Final Two. Nate, ever oblivious, continues rambling on. More pearls: "I mean, f---in', f---in' Jack is sixty, man." Howls of laughter. "We're young, we can actually use the money. He should just give up." You're really making me love you, Nate. Grace my ears with your softly-spun wisdom. Just like that.

    Slobert commends Nate on hating Erika, telling him how much the smarmy weiner has appreciated Nate's veiled dislike of her throughout the game. Nate: "You can tell she's fake. When she's playing cards... it's kinda freaky, yo." How does her cardgame denote her maniacal minds? They bond a lot over how ugly, freaky, scary, two-faced, and controlling she supposedly is. Nate starts to tell every single action of Jack and Erika--more specifically Jack--and how they very subtly controlled the alliance by always being the ones to plant ideas in people's heads.
    They continue talking about how useless Jack is and how he "skates by without doing anything". Do these people not realize that the little topics they were just discussing (Scheming and Lying and Controlling Your Alliance) constitute and meet all qualifications for "doing something".

    And now Slobert is talking about how he's going to have his restaurant bodyguards (Yeah. I don't have the slightest idea either.) protect him and Nate from "all the fat girls" who are going to naturally flock to them when they leave the house, so that they can, you know, pick and choose which girls to sleep with using their newfound glitterati status. Slobert: "There's not a single girl here worthy of still being here this far into the game." Yeah, whatever. And what have you done other than suckle the teat of Justin, whereas players like Jun and Ali play for their lives? Hate him so much. Eugh. Before Ali comes out, Nate says how he never wanted to be a part of the O8 and got roped into it, and he never liked it and never enjoyed it. Ew. Shut up,

    Ali now stands on the court and says she's not bad person. No, you're a whore. Nate responds in a long-winded fashion without agreeing or disagreeing. And when she continues to blink and stare at him in silence until he says, "Ok. You're not a bad person." Which she was waiting for so completely, so she could respond with: "Then why do you treat me like one?" Once again, I respond: "Well, you're a whore, Ali."

    Since I'm sure you really, desperately want to know what Ali feels her four biggest regrets are in the house, I'll give you her well-defined list. 1) Being fooled and trapped in a house with her ex-boyfriend. And giving up her job and pageant. This is all under one heading, too. But she's thankful she did these things. Nate tells her it's not a regret then, but she whines. 2) The lettuce bikini. "Actually, no. I don't think I regret that." Learn to form an opinion. And she completely forgets her ever so dramatic and important list so she can point out, "Look. There's a star out for us tonight." Nate: "That's a plane, Ali. It's red." She proceeds to sing the First Star I See Tonight song anyway. Because she's a whore. .

    conversation in the HOH of Justin , JUn and snotbert , they were talking about dana and justin and what they "did". Jun was saying Dana told me ya'll didnt do anything and Justin said are you crazy you walked in on us so many times. Snotbert sittin there knowing women like he does<pardon me while i puke> and picking his nose says he knew dana was like that. Girls that say they wont do..they always do.
    And posting last time for the night
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    some Tuesday highlights

    Erika on the patio, with Jun talking in the background, telling Erika that Justin has decided that he wants Jack out. Erika sighs. Jun says that Jee won't do anything yet because he doesn't realize that Robert/Justin are having secret meetings. Erika asks why Jee doesn't see that Justin/Robert won't take Jee to the finals because they know they can't win against him. Jun says that it's because Jee is "f--king naive".

    Jun asks if they keep Nathan, who should they have Nathan take out next week, Erika or Alison? Robert says he wants Erika, but everyone else wants Alison. Jun wants Alison.

    And if Nathan does NOT win HOH? He's going up and being evicted. Robert: "We're not letting that guy stay in a couple more weeks."

    Robert sez Justin has enough influence over Alison to keep her in line. Justin can say whatever s--t he wants and Alison will do it. They agree that they need to win HOH.

    Jun: "My thing is, why do we need Nate to take someone out for us?" Robert says because Nathan can win the physical competitions for them. Jun tweaks them and says what, you guys can't win physical competitions?

    Jun says Nathan is walking around all cocky and confident that he's staying. She also says Alison hates Jack. Jun says it's an interesting decision that BB made to give them an extra day to decide about voting, because if they had voted this morning as usual, Nathan would have been voted out.

    More strategy. Robert says that if they keep Nathan, he is in the final four, not Jun. If that's okay with Jee. Because Nathan isn't like these b---hes that talk s--t in here. Robert wants to know what the b--ch (he doesn't qualify which one because, you know, they're all b--hes)- said to Justin. Jee says you know that everyone is going to say something.

    Jee says it's good to see "her" in the weaker position. Robert says it's "f--kin' GREAT." Jee likes how all the girls are their exes and it's so great to see them in these weak positions. Because GIRLS = BAD and GIRLS ARE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL

    Justin, Sneezy, and Dopey in the HOH room. They are all speaking at once. Robert says Jun is a f--king pain in the a--. Gee says where is she getting her information. I think I missed something.
    Justin saying that if it is a physical activity they should get rid of Nate. If they do keep him and he gets HOH, he could be a good asset. But he (Justin) doesn't trust him, but he does trust his loyalty. Say what???

    Robert says that they either get rid of a strong player like Nathan, or they keep him as an asset. Gee says when he puts it like that, it is very clear to him, get rid of Nate. Huh????

    Logic = Out the window.

    Justin keeps hearing that Jack and Erika will target Justin. That's why he wants to get rid of Jack.

    Robert says that after this week there are no strong players other than the 3 stooges, if Nathan goes.

    Justin says that Nathan will do whatever they say and Robert says "exactly, exactly." Does he ever listen to himself?

    Justin wants one of Jack and Erika out of the house. Well, that would be Jack then wouldn't it, Justin?
    Justin: Do we lose Dana's vote if we keep Nate?
    Jee is against adding people to the alliance. Jee suggests that Dana will go all crazy if Nate stays.
    It looks like the decision has been made to toss Nate. They will not tell Ali, they will not tell Nate.
    If they keep Nate they will regret it.
    Robert says Erika is not smart and that Jack is the only real threat in a mental HOH comp.

    Jun, Jee & Justin.
    Justin bounces the idea of keeping Jack & Jun agrees that Nate must go. Jee slips up and blurts out that they already decided that. Way to keep Jun in the dark there.

    Robert assessing the normal people's strengths. "I am smarter than Erika, I'm smarter than Jun. . ." He also yells that he can beat any of the others in physical competitions. Yes! Sing it 100 pound weakling with little girl breasts, Sing It!!

    Robert comes back. He says Erika is talking s--t. He complains that Jack laughs at what she says. They both laugh at each other's jokes. F--ing B--ch. Robert hates her. Probably the times that she has tried to comfort him only makes him hate her more. Exit Robert.

    Mr. Stinkypants is washing the windows in the back yard. Hey cookie boy, how about scrubbing yourself off once in a while?

    Jee is telling Alison that he used to be an artist. Justin says that he's a perverted artist, drawing naked little girls. Because in Justin's world artists only draw naked little boys.

    Jack just told Erika how Justin told him he hasn't lied to anyone. Jack says that's untrue, "look at all the s--t he fed Dana". Erika says the women in this house give women a bad name.

    Erika says Ali and Jun have no loyalties. They discuss how "transparent" Ali is.

    Doctor Tested
    Jun tells Ali and Ericka that Dana told her that a doctor said she had "masculine attributes". Jun wonders how anyone can be happy being told she has male attributes. She concludes by saying Dana was woman enough for Justin. Ali counters by saying a hole in a wall is woman enough for Justin.

    Daily Dose of Idiot Robert
    Robert tells his fellow Stooges that Jack should come into the HoH room, and if he wants to stay, he should get on his knees and kiss Justin's feet.
    Robert: "Erika is still here and she is the weakest of the 8. She will be another Lisa. A bartending b--ch."

    They Aren't Rocket Scientists, That's For Sure
    Erika and Jack bemoan the idiots they are forced to live with. Jack says "it's so stupid." Erika says "it's not even an intellectual game anymore (it was before??). I can't work with this Jack. I can't work under these conditions." They agree that the cocky attitude of the Stooges is even starting to bother Jee.

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    nothing much happening so far today

    Sleeze and Justy are in the hot tub not saying one single word.
    Methinks they're in an intense game of footsies

    And Jun told Erika it isn't looking good for Jack

    CBS - why the hell are the editors not showing the Stooges being well, Stooge-like? Robert's approval ratings are soaring because they keep showing sob-story bits about how he's cleaned up his life and stopped drinking and worships his daughter. Worships her til she grows up, that is, then she'll be just another whore like every other woman in his life, I presume. I will never understand men like Robert who don't see the hypocrisy in thinking all women are f--ktoys but their own precious daughters are the one exception. :\

    Four feeds on three people saying nothing. This is quality entertainment here, folks. Justin, Jee and Erika are outside. Justin and Jee play cards, Erika has just now sat up to watch. The pool ripples quietly, and the newly painted grass (as of yesterday) is a lovely tinge of dried up green.

    Justin says it's hot. Now he called Jee and bastard and a d--k. I must have missed whatever prompted that exchange.

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    HOH competition

    the HOH competition...

    I predict Jee will be out first, as he's already adjusting his stance. Now he's picking lint off his shirts.

    I have a feeling Sniffy has been behind bars before. He's holding on to those bars like he's afraid of his cell mates, and curses BB for making him stand with his back to the crowd.

    Jee has just squatted down. Repeat, Jee has just squatted down. And then he stands right back up.

    Alison calls the competition "gay". She looks absolutely miserable in that cage. So does Robert. Jack wonders how he got himself into this predicament. I think he hates the others for sparing him. Jun has to pee, and Jack tells her to go for it.

    Ali asks if anyone wants to make a deal. Jun starts to reply with, "If any of you leave, don't vote me out." Then Ali says she's not leaving, and all convo about deals drop.

    Robert, Jee, and Alison are really hating this. Erika acts really uncomfortable too. Jack seems to be doing okay, with Jun seeming to be the most comfortable. But it is still early, and there is much suffering to be had.

    The hamsters have just concluded that they might be right in the path of the sprinklers. And since they're wearing their mics, they're going to be electrocuted. Hurray! Apparently, there also seems to be rain clouds gathering overhead. There is a god.

    Robert stares dead-eyed out of the cage, thinking to himself, "God, I really gotta pick my nose right now."

    Jack notes that Erika is a pilates instructor and a ballerina, and that she should be able to stand in there forever.

    Jee is on his knees. That must feel great on the kneecaps
    Justin announces that what he's about to do is not his idea, and goes inside to get the food. It's chicken. He walks it around the cage. Robert says he's not interested in smelling it. Justin says he didn't want to have to be the one to do this, but he'll tell them how it is. Jun tells him to eat it right in front of her.

    Justin comes over to the cage ans asks what each person's major complaint is. Jee - none, Robert - fine, Erika - fine, Ali - fine, Jun - I'M HUNGRY. Jack - I'm cage'd with three beautiful women so no complaints.

    Jun asks how many times they think Justin will eat before the comp is done. She guesses three. I'm guessing Jun eats three of her fellow cagemates before this is done.

    they've been told that if they close their eyes for 30 seconds, they'll be eliminated. Sounds like their sleep test. Alison asks if she closes her eyes and counts to 29, will she be okay?

    And . . . silence.

    At different intervals Jack, Ali, and Erica have told Jun she's safe, and can leave, but she isn't moving.

    Jun asks Big Brother if Justin can give her a cup or paper towel to pee on.

    2 hours and 35 minutes and not a single one has left the cage.

    Slugbert is looking tired. If I were to bet on it, I'd say Jee and Slug are close to leaving.

    Jun pee! Gentleman Jack gave her his shirt to wrap around her while she squatted and did her thing. She evidently got a few drops on Jacks shirt.

    Justin is laughing. Jack is putting his shirt on again.

    Erika's having some problems. She is trying to stretch her back.
    Jack yet again passes over his shirt for another woman (Alislut) to pee all over.

    Justin is hovering like some sort of pervert. It really is disturbing the way he is leering at her. Everyone else has their back turned except Justin. Jun is cheering her on, challenging her to pee more than her. Everyone starts singing Ali is peeing to the tune of Row Row Row Your Boat so they don't hear her. Justin gives a blow by blow description of her "dribbling".

    Poor Jacks shirt got tinkled on. Again. He decides not to don it, but instead is just holding it and clenching a bar at the same time.
    Rob is leaving! he looks pretty disgusted. AND he goes into the restroom. AFTER washing his hands. Splash back from Ali?
    Jun is leaving.

    Jee, Aliscum, Jack, and Erika advance. The plan is for Jee to leave a little later (I think).

    Robert and Justin chat in the kitchen.

    Robert says he thought Jack would be the first one out. He also apologizes to Justin for giving up. Justin doesn't say anything. Heh.

    Robert says he's going to go pump Jee up, but he just sits there. Justin has a long sleeve shirt tied over his bare shoulders. Very stylish.

    Rob says Ali will win, Jack is on his way out to which Justin voices his surprise he's lasted this long. He says Jun looks good and not having won anything she is driven. He says Jee has been resting his back and is doing well also.

    Rob says he's going to call Jun on the way she has been playing the game. He will demand she choose sides once and for all or she's not getting the votes.

    Rob then complains about Erika, saying she doesn't have to cry every time someone leaves. Hey Rob? Get your ass out of the house and I'll bet any amount she sheds ZERO tears for you. He then sighs heavily and pops 3 advil complaining "how terrible it was" and he has a migraine. He is worthless. I despise him. To prove to you how worthless he is, he says he'd go talk to Jee to pump him up but he's hurting too bad.

    Jun walks in. Rob asks why she left (pot BLAMES kettle) and she replies she couldn't do it, besides Erika is not budging. Rob says we still have GEE.

    Justin came out to investigate, and asked how Jee was doing. Jee's response: "I'm really hurting"

    Erika seems to have attained some state of serenity, embraced her predicament, and is in a state of oneness with the cage. Or maybe she's dozing off. No, she's zen, baby.

    Jack is also zen.

    Alison and Jun encouraged one another to leave so that the other would feel safe enough to leave as well, but neither would leave first. One of the enticing barters was for Jun, Jack, and Alison to all leave at the same time so that Erika and Jee could battle it out in the last cage -- which everyone was all-for except Jack, who wanted to stick it out on his own and also to be the one who awards Erika the title of HoH at the very end.

    Throughout this whole competition, the both of them have been extremely calm and barely have complained at all. As compared to, you know, the Scattergirls, who not only found the time in the Cage to complain at every turn, but also managed to both splatter their respective strains of urine on Jack's shirt. And Jack? Has been so pleasant throughout it all.

    Jun was eventually coerced into leaving by a promise instigated by Jack, promptly cosigned by Erika and Ali, that everyone in the Gladiator Urinal was safe, even if Veto was used. And obviously, regardless of whether or not Jee agreed to the plan, she would be safe. And so she told BB Jim that she was aborting herself from the Cage of Pee, hopped out, and fled for the kitchen like a ravenous and weary anorexic rediscovering the Joy of Food in Hershey Park. Once her face was satisfied, she apologized to Robert and Justin.

    Erika is standing straight up. I think she has the right idea with the good posture stance.

    Inside. Jun eats while Robert claims that Ali can beat Erika. Ali is "strong as f--k," according to Robert.

    Cage. All's quiet. Jee is miserable. Just miserable. Abandoned by Robert and Jun, and in obvious physical discomfort. Heh.

    Jack asks Erika how she is, and she says she's good. More silence.

    Serious dealing in the cage. Jee is thinking about screwing the stooges over. He says what's said in here must stay in her, and "that includes you too Ali". His conscience is eating him up but he does seem interested at the idea of letting Erika win. YES!!! He will go with Erika to the final cage and then leave about 30 minutes later.

    Jack began to wear down Jee with promises of momentary alliances, and Erika joins in the gangbang, egging on that, "He knows he won't win against those two." Which was an extremely good move -- since everyone in the Cage knew that Jee was the weakest member of the Stooges, Jee is silent for a few moments and brings the conversation back with, "If I do this, it has to be believable."

    at 1:15 a.m. HT, Jack is beginning to whisper to Aliscam and Jee in an attempt to speed things up. And so, under the night's gentle guise of an airplane passing overhead, he tells Jee that he will be the pawn if Veto is used. But he's guaranteed safety. And with that, Jack leaves the cage.

    approximately 1:22 am housetime (4.22 eastern) Jee gives up and just walked out. The weight is on his shoulders as he sits there with head hanging. He wanders over to Justin and apologizes.

    Right after Jee walked out, Ali did too. The Stooges are clearly going to realize there was a deal cut with everyone walking out one right after the other.


    Robert already questioning how soon Ali left after Jee. Like I said, it will look mighty suspicious to the stooges.

    Robert is pacing the bedroom talking *at* Justin. Migraine? No longer apparent. He is ranting "he foresaw this coming" and "Now they'll pick "us" off one by one". Justin just closes his eyes tighter and tries to will him gone. So much for counting on your teammates, eh Justine?

    Jee comes in and apologizes he let them down. Rob starts blowing smoke saying over and over "You kicked ass dude, you kicked ass". Jee apologizes again and Justin, biting Jees head off says "NO ONE LET ANYONE DOWN." Jee excuses himself for cig #1 of today, er, yesterday. Justin continues to clench his eyes, willing himself anywhere but here with Robert.

    Erika notes that the thing that really got to Jee was her mentioning to him how he could buy his girlfriend a house with $500,000. She thinks it was effective because it was the truth.
    Erika wonders if she did the right thing making a deal with Jee. Jack says yes, that she made Jee a good offer and he took it.

    Basically the plan is Robert and Justin up, Jee as a pawn if veto gets used. They don't discuss what happens if Jee wins veto and takes one of the stooges off.

    We have Jee sitting in the dark on the living room sofa. Poor honest Jee. Surely he must be wrestling with his inner demons for betraying his beloved stooges.

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