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Thread: Your rink's claim to fame

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    My club, at the moment until I switch clubs in order to get a longer fall/winter season, Riverside SC is where Jennifer Robinson began to learn to skate and continued to skate until she was 13 and then had to find a bigger pad of ice in Barrie at Mariposa Winter Club. Riverside still has her pictures up in the showcase of her when she was a kid. My doctor's office has her mom working there and they're very pro Jennifer.

    Where I am thinking about joining, Champions Training Centre/Club Tecumseh, novice men's skater Daniel Miller presently skates. I'll also get an NHL size rink when I switch instead of the rinky dink Riverside rink that I skated in this passed season.

    Where I use to skate, Windsor FSC, juvenile pair skater Denis Ma still skates in the fall/winter.

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    Hmm..let me rink is the home of Katy Taylor, Andrea Gardiner, and used to be for Jennifer Don, and it still is for Tara Lipinski. You can take lessons with Tara, 130 dollars for half-hour. I always skate with her when she comes which is almost every summer, you're bound to catch her if you ever come to my rink.

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    ohh i just found out that ben agosto skated at the rink i skate at. Actually i have a video of him from 1993 (its my uncle's)l.

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    I skate at a county-owned rink in Northern Michigan. what's nice is that it's usually not very crowded, and sometimes I'm the only skater on the ice!!!!

    As far as well-known skaters go, I've never seen anyone there at a higher level than intermediate, but their skills still amaze me!

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