I hope to compete in AN when I'm 25...eight years away, haha. I think I can do open USFSA competition when I get ready to, though; I heard for up to open pre-juvenile you're 19 or younger. I think I'll be at that level.

Angelic - Today was a breakthrough day. We worked on the mohawks into the waltz, and I really went through it slowly and deliberately...and it was GREAT! My coach told me I was graceful and smooth, and my speed was even better when I didn't rush through it. Today was Harness Day(tm). I did some nice loops in the harness. The salchow = problem still, but, hey, today was a breakthrough... I need to learn to check out better from that jump. I tend to lean and that's what makes me fall. I figured out my mohawk problem... I tend to step BEHIND rather than IN FRONT of my other skate, and it's pretty much corrected. I went in a straight line, now I'm more curved and it's a lot smoother. Basically now I'm taking everything one step at a time, a lot more slowly, cautiously, and therefore A LOT BETTER! Sit spin progress is getting there...next is forward scratch, which looks scary and hard. I think today was one of the best days I've had ever!!!

Demonic - Nothing, for once! *dances around*