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  • YAGS (It's been a while? Does he stlll have it?)

    32 39.02%
  • ANGELA (C'mon, hon, PLEASE get it together!)

    24 29.27%
  • JOHNNY W. (Prove to us you're not a weenie!)

    10 12.20%
  • CHAIT & SAKHNOVSKY (Get some decent coaching again!)

    5 6.10%
  • PETROVA & TIKHNOV (Won a World title but they're such snoozers!)

    1 1.22%
  • SARAH HUGHES (Will she return to Nationals?)

    1 1.22%
  • AP McD. (Started last season strong then faded...)

    9 10.98%
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Thread: The Comeback Kid

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    Re: Hey...

    Originally posted by lil_icesk8er915
    I don't think AP should count as a "comeback".
    ITA. This was her first serious full season in the seniors, and I think she did VERY well. The only thing that truly marred her year was that whole visa thing.

    I also think Johnny can definitely come back.

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    I so want Angela to fulfill her potential.

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    Hopefully Yags, but I doubt it.


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    Out of these options Yags ... but i would LOVE to see NNN make a strong comeback!

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    Anne Patrice - though it isn't really a comeback - not like Elvis's or Yagudin's.

    Anne Patrice is an incredibly promising skater - as long as she's really skating for herself. I've suspected for a while that her mother is a too intrusive in AP's life and skating and wondered if AP is really skating for herself or her mother. If it is for her Mother - she'll never make it. It has to come from inside herself.

    The idea of seeing Yagudin compete again is thrilling, though! I get chills at the anticipation of it. He is truly great. And, it would be nice to see a Russian man win the gold medal and then not fade away into the Pro world - never to be heard from again. (Wouldn't it be nice to see a US ladies champion do the same thing for once, also?!)

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    We have to golden russian men winning gold medals for the past 5 years. Is after all the Plush/Yags era:D

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    I voted AP McD. I really think that she has a bright future. In fact, the future may be today, a lot of good things happened last season.

    YAGS : It sounds way to serious an injury and since he has it all already, motivation may be lacking.
    ANGELA : She alread had one comeback. How many does a skater get. I have a bad feeling.
    JOHNNY W. : The male Sasha. I'll believe it when I see it.
    CHAIT & SAKHNOVSKY: IMO were darn lucky to ever get on that podium in the first place. I think that we've seen the last of them.
    PETROVA & TIKHNOV : I don't think they even deserved the win they had. B&S were out and S&Z made mistakes. Now they have T&M to overtake. It will never happen for them again.
    SARAH HUGHES : I think that we've seen the last of her.

    Just my gut feelings.

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    Against all odds: Yags (I can always dream ..... )

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    I wish I could have voted for more than one!

    That was a hard decision...I would love to see both AP and Angela win medals at Nationals next year, and based on how terrific his SP was at 2003 Nationals, I also would really like to see Johnny make the podium in Atlanta and the World team this coming year.

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