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Thread: Las Vegas Revue?

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    Thumbs down Las Vegas Revue?

    Call me old-fashioned, guys, but I absolutely cannot stand some of the garrish, over-the-top costumes that are worn by some of the ice dance teams, pairs teams, and singles skaters.

    Some of these talented skaters seem to think that their skating doesn't sufficiently speak for themselves, so they come out in costumes that seem more suited to The Sands of Las Vegas than to a figure skating arena.

    Anissina/Peizerat and Lobacheva/Averbukh typically wear costumes that scream for attention. Sometimes their outfits resemble rags, with all of the loose, "extra" fabric. I find these costumes extremely distracting, and I find that I spend more time looking at the clothes than at the skating.

    I don't know who Irina Slutskaya's costume designer is, but all I can say is, "Yuk!" Ugly, garish costumes.

    I would love to see skaters come out on the ice wearing modest,
    athletic-looking outfits that give credence to the fact that figure skating is a SPORT, not a Las Vegas revue. Sure, wear those flashy costumes for the exhibition numbers, but PLEASE keep it simple and tasteful for the competitions!

    Also, I was under the impression that the ISU had mandated that a deduction was to be given on the presentation mark for
    "inappropriate" costumes. How many times have we seen women go out there with costumes that show cleavage and part of their fanny? I remember seeing a few of the men wearing jumpsuits with the top open widely all the way to the waist.
    How many times have I had to look the other way when Maria Butraskaya skated, because I did not want to watch her "free fanny show"? Good grief, COVER IT UP!!

    Just my two cents.....what do you all think?


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    I like plain and simple when it comes to skating costumes, especially the men. Please guys do not wear anything that has shiny or mesh parts.

    I liked the simplicity of G&G dark blue outfits for their long program at the 1992 Olympics, Michelle Kwan's 1998 blue dress, and Yagudin's "race car" outfit.

    As far as the ice dancers go I refuse to comment

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    I think you're referring to the dark blue outfits Gordeeva and Grinkov wore at the 1994 Winter Olympics. They did not compete in 1992.

    I agree with you that "less is more" when it comes to figure skating attire!!

    Keep it simple, skaters!! :D

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    I really liked Jeff Billings costume design for Sarah's Oly's.

    So far, I'm not that impressed with Vera Wang's designs for Michelle's post Oly's. Just didn't think the gold FOG program and silver w/flag costume really suited MK's coloring - although the SP and LP Oly costumes were nice, but didn't seem unique for such a high profile designer. I thought the one that Nancy Kerrigan wore during the 93 season and 94 Oly short were nice and elegant.

    Ann-Patrice needs to let someone besides Mom design her costumes. They are lovely in a sense, but so 80's-ish. Too many sequins.

    Who designs for SOI? They always seem to have beautiful costumes with just the right amount of spangles and sequins.

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    On the Ice
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    Perhaps in lieu of costumes, you'd rather take in the lovely and talented cast of Nudes on Ice in Vegas?


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    Usually I like it simple, too. (but...)

    Some of the costumes I liked:

    - Yags' MITIM (loved it!), "Tosca" and the one he has for his exhibition program at 2002 Olympics (just a black T-hirt and black pants)
    - Plushenko's black costume with gold... things , for his SP last season
    - Kwan's SP costume at 2003 Nationals (although I'd change the color a bit); and her SP costume at 2002 Olympics
    - Cohen's SP costume from last season (I'd change the panties part if I were her, though...), and her LP costumes at Campbell's and Lalique (two different ones); and the old black one with a white line across the chest
    - Lang & Tchernyshev's costumes for "Parisian Walkways"
    - quite a few of Ina & Zimmerman's costumes
    - Goebel looked nice in his "American in Paris" costume, but I usually don't like that look (especially on Savoie)

    Not so "simple" but I liked them anyway:
    - Drobiazko & Vanagas' costumes for their exhibition program from 2002 Worlds (I love that program and their costumes go with it very well)
    - Yagudin's "Revolution Etude" and "Broken Arrow" costumes. The first one is OK, and I loved the program, so... The second was bad, bad!, I admit, but I really liked that program and I've grown to like the costume too
    - Abt's costume for "Armenian Selections"
    - Plushenko's costume for "Slavonic Dances"

    Anything but "simple":
    - Arakawa's swan costume
    - Plushenko's "Sex Bomb"
    - Bourne & Kraatz spider costume for their program at COI (to Enigma)
    - Yamato Tamura's "fire" costume (I don't think I've ever seen him skate, but I'd love to see at least this program)

    Edited to add: I forgot Yags' "Racing" costume. Dlkksk8fan, you said you liked it, but have you seen the original one? :D
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    Jeff Billings designs for most of the SOI shows.
    Grgranny, DEFINITELY!

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    Not to be mean, but I have never cared for Irina's costumes.

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    I think the garish costumes are liked by the younger fans in line with the garish costumes of pop girl singers.

    I also think the garish costumes are responsible for killing Pro Skating because the average person tuning in on a TV Sunday afternoon can not take the competition seriously. It becomes an Ice Show and only devoted fans will watch and take it seriously.

    I, especially, dislike garish costumes on men. It takes away from the competition. And Ladies, too, if they are over-the-top.

    However, I do not care what they wear for the exhibitions. That's not serious.


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    That's an interesting thought, Joe. Perhaps the young girls are trying to emulate the Spice Girls when they choose their skating outfits. If that's the case, I say, "Please ladies, let's get with the program! Keep it simple, feminine, yet sporty."

    I also found it very difficult to take seriously some of the latest round of professional competitions. They were almost a joke, in my opinion. Ugly, garrish costumes, sloppy skating, and the judging -- please. :rolleyes:

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