With the end of nationals, and so many young athletes in need of a free official site, Figure Skaters Online is in need of webmasters (or web designers) to help meet the demand. We're looking for dedicated individuals to maintain the official websites of novice, junior, and senior level skaters.

Webmasters must have the ability to meet deadlines (post new information within two days and post new photographs within one week), have some experience with File Transfer Protocol programs, and have some experience with web maintenance programs or coding. You don't have to be a web wizard but you should have at least a little experience already.

Webmasters must maintain at least one website. However, webmasters who would like to work on more than one website are more than welcome to work with multiple skaters as long as they can meet the demands of posting updates in a timely manner. (Most updates obviously occur during the season.)

Under most circumstances, webmasters do not get to choose which skaters to work with. And the opportunity to meet skaters (or anything like receiving their autographs) is not at all guaranteed so don't let that be your motivating factor.

If you're interested in becoming a part of the Figure Skaters Online team, please visit http://www.figureskatersonline.com/about.html for an application form. Webmasters are volunteers as Figure Skaters Online is non-profit and does not charge athletes for the service.