I don't usually eat while I drive. I do drink water though. Here are some interesting facts:

Look out for that....CHOCOLATE!

Hagerty Classic Insurance of Traverse City, Mich., has issued a list of the top 10 most dangerous foods we can eat while driving. When we pay more attention to our food than the road, we're setting ourselves up for a potential car crash. In a recent analysis of 32,303 drivers nationwide, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration determined that eating is a greater distraction than using a hand-held cell phone.

So from bad to worst, here are the top 10 most dangerous foods to eat while driving:

10. Chocolate
It gets all over your fingers! Then you touch something--the steering wheel, stick shift, your hair--and you leave a chocolate smudge. Your instinct is to look down and wipe it off. Excuse me, did you see that red light you just ran?

9. Soft Drinks
Slam on the brake and whammy! You spilled your drink all over your shirt. When this happens, are you concentrating more on your driving or your wet clothing? We thought so.

8. Jelly and Cream-Filled Donuts
Oh yummy! They just ooze jelly and custard, and now look! It's all over your lap. You shouldn't have looked...you just ran a stop sign.

7. Fried Chicken
If it's finger-lickin' good, then it's also greasy. So is the steering wheel. And that stuff is hard to get off--especially while you're driving. Oops. Almost didn't make that turn, did you?

6. Any Barbecued Food
Save the barbecue sauce for your next picnic in the park. Here's something to remember: "If it can drip, don't eat it while you drive."

5. Juicy Hamburgers
These can be drippy AND greasy. Consider that a $5 hamburger deluxe could turn into $500 worth of repairs if dripping condiments, special sauces, or greasy meat juices distract you while you're driving.

4. Chili
And we don't mean just a bowl of chili. We mean anything containing chili--a chili dog, sloppy Joes, or a Coney dog. Steering chili-covered foods to your mouth while steering a car around a corner requires more dexterity than we humans possess.

3. Tacos
It's hard enough to eat a taco at a table. One good bump in the road and that taco is scattered across the backseat. And what did you just do? Turned around to look at it!

2. Hot Soups
Eating hot soup while trying to manipulate a gearshift is not sensible. Haggerty calls it the equivalent of a circus juggling act--a sure recipe for disaster.

And the WORST food you can consume while driving is...
1. Coffee
It's hot. It spills. It makes a mess--and burns!--when it spills.:sheesh: