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    A lot of tapes for sale

    I am putting for sale my collection of figure skating tapes.

    The quality of most tapes is very good to excellent.

    Please email me at if you are interested in more info. The charge per tape will be $5 plus shipping.

    Thank you!

    Tape 1

    Best of Stars on Ice. Vol.1

    Tape 1088 (NTSC)
    Commentary - English
    1 hour in SP
    Quality - excellent

    Scott Hamilton introduces all the numbers and says something nice about everybody.
    Scott Hamilton: "Steppin Out"
    Kristi Yamaguchi: "Madame Butterfly"
    Jayne Torvill & Christopher Dean: "Take Five"
    Paul Wylie: "JFK"
    Katarina Witt: "Man of LaMoncha"
    Kurt Browning: "Antares"
    Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov: "Reverie"
    Katia Gordeeva: "Three Preludes"
    Rosalynn Sumners: "Beautiful Goodbye"
    Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov: "Joue Jusqu'au Matin" (I believe this was only broadcast in Canada)
    Brian Orser: "Story of my Life"
    Kristi Yamaguchi: "Doop"
    Scott Hamilton: "I Love Me"

    Tape 2

    ARD Gala 2001

    Tape 1164 (NTSC)
    Commentary - German (ZDF)
    1 h. 15 min. in SP
    Quality - very good

    Evgeny PLUSHENKO - interview and Michael Jackson medley
    Alexei YAGUDIN: Winter
    Margarita DROBIAZKO & Povilas VANAGAS
    Kati WINKLER & Rene LOHSE
    Sarah JENTGEN & Mirco MUELLER
    Laurent TOBEL: Carmen on Ice
    Mandy WOETZEL & Ingo STEUER
    Andrejs VLASCHENKO
    Evgeny PLUSHENKO: Sexbomb
    Alexei YAGUDIN: The Man In The Iron Mask

    Tape 3

    Brian Boitano's Holiday Spectacular 2003

    Tape 750 (NTSC)
    Commentary - English (ESPN2)
    2 hours in SP
    Quality - very good

    Ensemble: Nights In White Satin
    Kristi Yamaguchi with Jason Dungjen, Andrei Khvalko and John Zimmerman: Lady In Red
    Interview with Steven Cousins
    Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko: Mission Impossible
    Steven Cousins: Under the Bridge
    Caryn Kadavy: In These Shoes
    Silvia Fontana: Let's Dance
    Ilia Kulik: Tango
    Brian Boitano w/ Silvia Fontana, Caryn Kadavy and Elena Leonova: Un Amor
    Skaters shopping at Mandalay Place
    Yuka Sato & Jason Dungjen: Burn It Blue
    Ensemble: Question
    John Zimmerman for Stars on Ice
    Yuka Sato with Caryn Kadavy: Prelude to Blue
    Caryn Kadavy: Now We Are Free
    Ensemble w/ Brian McKnight: Good Enough
    Brian Boitano with Caryn Kadavy, w/ Brian McKnight: Someday, Someway, Somehow
    Profile on Brian Boitano and Yvonne Gomez
    Yuka Sato: Misty
    Silvia Fontana & John Zimmerman: Mellow Yellow
    Steven Cousins: Disco Science
    Interview with Silvia Fontana and John Zimmerman
    Rory Burghart: Ain't No Sunshine
    Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko: Insieme A Te
    Ensemble: Good-bye, Yellow Brick Road
    Ilia Kulik: Green Tomatoes
    Ensemble: The Colors of My Life

    Tape 4

    Campbell's International Figure Skating Classic 2004

    Tape 559 (NTSC)
    Commentary - English (ABC)
    2 hours in SP
    Quality - very good

    Men's Free Skate

    Timothy Goebel: "Queen Symphony" by Tolga Kashif; interview
    Emanuel Sandhu: Selections from Emil von Sawer
    Brian Joubert: 1492: "Conquest of Paradise"
    Johnny Weir: interview and "Otomal", Raul di Blasio
    Timothy Goebel: Interview

    Ladies Free Skate

    Julia Sebestyen: "Carmen", Bizet
    Kimmie Meissner: interview and "Daphnis and Cloe" by M.Ravel
    Introduction to the second group
    Sasha Cohen: "Nutcracker" by P.Tchaikovsky
    Kimmie Meissner: interview
    Sasha Cohen: interview
    Michelle Kwan: interview and "Bolero" by M.Ravel
    Shizuka Arakawa: "Romeo & Juliet" by P.Tchaikovsky
    Miki Ando: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
    Michelle Kwan: interview

    Tape 5

    World Championships 1977

    Tape 1566 (NTSC)
    Commentary - English (ABC)
    1 h. in SP
    Quality - very good

    Pairs Long Program

    Marina Cherkosova & Sergei Shakrai (part)
    Irina Vorobieva & Aleksandr Vlasov (part)
    Irina Rodnina & Aleksandr Zaitsev
    Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner and interview

    Ladies Long Program

    Barbara Smith and interview
    Wendy Burge (part)
    Linda Fratianne SP
    Anett Potzsch
    Linda Fratianne and interview
    Dagmar Lurz (part)
    Clip of medal ceremony

    Free Dance

    Judi Genovesi & Kent Weigle
    Irina Moiseeva & Andrei Minenkov

    Tape 6,7.8

    Skate Canada 1978

    Commentary - English (TSN)
    7 hours in SP
    Quality - very good


    Tape 9,10,11,12

    Olympic Games 1984

    English coverage

    More to come soon!!!
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