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Thread: New Stars on Ice Contest

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    New Stars on Ice Contest

    Just wanted to let everyone know about the new contest Stars on Ice has created!!!!! Here is the link:

    Grand Prize Winner will recieve:

    *Four VIP Tickets to the 2008-09 U.S. Smucker's Stars on Ice performance
    *Meet & Greet with the Smucker's Stars on Ice Cast
    * The Winning Skate Entry autographed by the 2007-08 Smucker's Stars on Ice Cast
    * Smucker's Stars on Ice Gift Basket!!!!!

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    thanks for the heads up, will have to check it out later!

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    Hunh, well, _interesting_ contest. I'd have to really believe in my idea to aquire a skate that both isn't too costly to basically throw away, but still looks good enough to send in, actually decorate it, and figure out how to pack and mail it.

    When I thought it was a graphic you could design, I was right there with them. But, an actual skate?

    Then again, perhaps they won't receive more than a few entries, and so each one will have a good shot at winning!

    Thanks for the announcement, though -- I never would've seen it w/o this post.

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