Well, I thought I was on to something good there - watching the carbs, but my system is not liking it! I guess I did not get enough "fuel" today at lunch and after work, I went shopping. I had a headache all afternoon and started feeling really weak. When I got to the grocery store - I decided to have something to eat - and just in time. I had a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) reaction. I am not diabetic, but I do have the tendency to get "shaky" when I don't get enough food. That is why I can't fast. I don't last a day. Anyway, I had a good meal and I am home now. Boy do I feel tired. That was another thing, I felt tired all afternoon at work. I guess I should go see my Dr. So much for the diet. Maybe, losing ten pounds is not worth the trouble. I feel miserable. Get me some Hagen-Daez quick!