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Thread: Danielle White's song

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    Danielle White's song

    I think it was called Daydream Believer. This song is wonderful! Danielle White is amazing, in my opinion.

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    Lady, her voice reminds me of Marianne Faithful's voice, a singer from the 60's.........42

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    All along she has performed good=I think she should have been picked before Lucy did=not that Lucy isn't good too.
    Danielle's voice is amazing.


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    I think Danielle will be in the group. I can't wait to find out on Tues, or is it Wed?

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    Thumbs up

    Hello all you American Junior fans..... my love for kids has really got me hooked on this show and I have become a big fan, so I created a Yahoo Group in their honour, if you would like to join just follow the link....

    American Juniors Mailing List

    Don't forget to spread the word!

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