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Thread: Standard track to adult track

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    Question Standard track to adult track

    I read somewhere that there is a chart that tells you if you are skating standard track what the equivilent adult level is. I've never been able to find it. Can someone please post a link or tell me where to find it? I can't find it on the USFSA site.


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    Well, I gave it a shot, but I can't find it either! That website has the worst structure; can't find anything.

    Maybe someone else will have better luck......then I can bookmark it!

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    It may not be online. Someone has referenced p. 28 in the Tests supplement in the current USFSA rulebook (TR 28.01).

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    It's in the Combined Report of Action from 2005 Governing Council, starting on page 32. Proposals A, B and C were all approved.

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