Screamy: Me--the way I feel today. When I woke up this morning, the left side of my head felt like it was filled with cement--awful sinuses, headache. By the time I got my skates on at the rink I just felt like I didn't want to go out there, and I NEVER "don't want to skate!!!!"

Got out on the ice and warmed up a bit. Coach wanted to work on spinning again. I tried a few two foot spins, and the results were pathetically hilarious. They just wouldn't work--I stumbled, couldn't get my feet in, nearly tilted backwards a couple of times. She was astonished, because she said I was going into them just fine. I just felt awful, off balance and odd. Even just skating, period, was tough at first. My head felt like it was on another planet and I didn't feel balanced (Didn't help that I also desperately need a sharpening, too).

We worked on long entrance edge outside threes and on edges, and after a bit I started to feel better. Waltz jumps and sals were a little shaky at first, but they got better, and I did my sal/waltz combo pretty well. We were talking about the entrance to a sal and the one foot spin being similar, so I halfheartedly pushed off in to a one foot spin, and to my relief, spun a couple/three revs. When I came out of it, my head THROBBED for several seconds, so then I knew that the old sinuses were to blame. By the end of the session I could do gentle, slow two foot spins, so at least I'm relieved to know it was a sinus/balance issue, not me losing my precious spins!!!! I'm getting a badly needed massage this evening, then its a light dinner and off to dreamland for me. Work has been very stressful and I think I'm a bit run down. Luckily, I don't have much planned this weekend and have a long weekend break at home next weekend to rest and recover. I HATE WHAT THIS WEATHER IS DOING TO MY SINUSES!!!! Nearly 100% humidity and rain for over two weeks, and Allegra can only do so much. Its been a lousy summer weather wise.

Cinder: Chin up!!! You're amazing to me, skating with a cast. You're doing great--even when you think you're not!!

Rachel: Toe loops take time. I can do a basic one, but I've asked to go back into the harness to really get the feel of the "leap" and the push off better.

Singer: Whoo hoo on the jumps!!!

Have a good weekend, everybody!!!!