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Thread: Links to 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics

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    Here's a link to a comprehensive website with multiple links on the naming of Vancouver, BC as the host city for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Two of the Vancouver newspapers are featured - one with a front page banner, "YES!", the other with a front page banner "WE WIN!".

    I think it is fantastic that Canada is again hosting the Winter Olympics. The 1988 Games, held in Calgary, were absolutely wonderful, with great performances, lots of human drama, breathtaking scenery, and wonderful hospitality from the host city. I can still hear the upbeat theme sone, "Catch the Spirit"
    (I think that's the title) that was played throughout the games - and which has been used in a number of competitive and exhibition programs by some of the World's top skaters.

    Who can forget the Battle of the Brians, the Battle of the Carmens, Liz Manley's terrific long program that won her the silver medal, Gordeeva/Grinkov's magical victory in the pairs,
    the Dushenays "African" long program, etc?

    It's going to be great! And for those of us who reside in North America, there's the prospect of hours and hours of LIVE television coverage of the figure skating. I remember the extensive figure skating coverage from Calgary. The women's long program was televised, almost in its entirety, and we were able to see many of the skaters in the lower rankings - not just the skaters in the final flight.

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    Thanks for the links! I just spent the day in Vancouver (I live north of Seattle) and saw a lot of banners and things about the Olympics. I bought a Vancouver 2010 sweatshirt... I'm very excited, hope I'm living somewhere nearby then! It's a beautiful city and a great place for the games.

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    So, this might be a fun topic...

    Who do we think we might see at 2010, or have they even begun to surface yet?

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