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I have a tapes of skating and gymnastics events from this season and
last season that I am happy to trade for, if you don't have events I
am looking for we can still work something out.

tape #1
07-08 season
Kristy Yamaguchi and Friends and Family, NBC
Evening of Championship Skating CN8

Tape #2
07-08 season
Stars on Ice NBC
Nationals Preview, CN8
Skate from the Heart, NBC
Fashion on Ice NBC

Tape #3
06-07 season Synchronized skating worlds CN8
2006 Evening of Champions CN8

2007 Nationals, all events broadcast on US TV

Tape #5
All NBC Broadcasts of 2008 Nationals Competitions

Tape #7
2008 Nationals Exhibitions

Tape #8
07-08 Seaons
Style Channel Holiday Celebration on Ice
Style Channel Kristy Yamaguchi and Friends and Family
Colors of Winter, Nancy Kerrigan world of skating exhbition on CN8

Tape #9
07-08 season
Todd Eldredge on Today Show
Holiday Celebration on Ice on NBC

Tape #10
07-08 Season
Junior Grand Prix fall 2007 Cn8

Tape #11
07-08 Season
Jr. Nationals CN8

Tape #12
07-08 Season
ESPN coverage of Trophee bombard, 3 hours
men, pairs, women's short programs

Cup of Russia Men, pairs, women, ice dance 2 hours

Tape #13
2007 nationals Women's LP, mens lp ESPN, ABC
2007 Japanese Nationals CN8

Tape #14
2007 European Team Gymnastics competition, CN8

Tape #43
1994-1995 skating
eye to eye with connie chung the Nancy and Tonya Thing right before 94
olympics she interviews nancy Kerrigan, Shattered Ice, more on tonya
and Nancy, 94 French Canadian Women's short programs, many not on CBS

also on the tape from fall 1995:
Alladin on Ice
The Gold championshiops
News clips on Sergei grinkovs death
parts of the sun valley mens competition fall 95 and parts of the
world challenge of champions

Tape #44
Fall 2006
end of Grand prix final, pairs, men dance and wome
Stars on Ice
Holiday Festival on Ice
Brain Botano skating spectacular
2006 Cup of China
2006 trophee bombard

Tape #45
Gymnastics winter 2007
Europeans gymnastics copetition, Team competition taped from CN8

Tape #47
Anne of Green Gables, part one, the sequal, most of the continueing
story, rest of that on a second tape #47a if you want both

Tape #48
Madonna on Letterman 11/4/00, Modonna TV moments, clips from A league
of their own, MTV awards, Madonna behind the music profile, clips from
SNL, her live concert, and madonna rama video marathon (8 hour tape)

If you want any of the above tapes just contact me at

check my tapes lists at
links to gymnastics, skating and tv tapes.