View Poll Results: Which Ladies Olympic Silver Performance Is the Most Memorable For You?

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  • 2002 - Irina Slutskaya

    6 8.70%
  • 1998 - Michelle Kwan

    28 40.58%
  • 1994 - Nancy Kerrigan

    11 15.94%
  • 1992 - Midori Ito

    3 4.35%
  • 1988 - Elizabeth Manley

    18 26.09%
  • 1984 - Rosalynn Sumners

    1 1.45%
  • Other

    2 2.90%
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Thread: Favorite Ladies Olympic Silver Performance

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    I voted for Liz Manley, 1988. Am I right in thinking that performance was also the only one of those that actually won the freeskate? The others all came 2nd in the free I think.

    Liz Manley was AMAZING.

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    Re: Nancy

    Originally posted by RealtorGal
    I voted for Nancy--her program and spirit were fantastic! Add to that the amazing courage and determination it must have taken to get to that point after the knee whack... well, it just made for an incredible moment.
    ITA... I voted for Nancy for that reason

    and the very fact that it's still the most memorable moment for me in ladies skating... back then she was my skating hero along with Scott

    now her skating makes me cringe... but at least she's got her priorities in tact... family first...

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    This just proves how "iffy" and sometimes "unmerited" the Oly gold can be. Anyone of these ladies, on a different night and with different judges, would have won the gold, but I chose Nancy. Nancy's solid, lovely performance to me out-ranked Oksana's two footed, improvised skating. Don't get me wrong, I love Oksana, but this is an example of how "'perky" won over solid skating...........42

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    Irina - Not at her best. She's done better silvers.

    Michelle - Ok

    Nancy - At her best and arguably, the best THAT night.

    Elizabeth - Super THAT night.


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    Well, Michelle is my favorite, and Lyra at Nagano was wonderful, but I had to go with Nancy on this one. She skated her heart out and had a personal best that night.

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