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  • I sure hope so. I'm tired of seeing all the old timers hanging around in "eligible" competition already! MOVE ON!

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Thread: Professional Skating Competitions

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    I really hope that professional skating makes a comeback now! I think now is as good a time as any for professional skating to come back due to all the recently retired skaters who are still such big names in the sport (Jamie and David, Elena and Anton, Shae and Vic, etc).

    I personally would love to see more professional competitions just because I think with more competitions, more skaters wouldn't delay turning professional. Plus, it would be nice to be able to see some of the other professional skaters that we might not have been able to see much in the past. One example I can think of is Sarah Abitol and Stephane.

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    Apparently, it's the sponsored media groups which are holding it back. We all want to see Pro Competitions, but the question is will it sell on Sunday afternoon? and will you buy the product that is being pushed?

    Market Research plays a big role on TV. Pro Competitions have been tested. Are they worth it more than NASCAR, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, football?

    If a network does not have any of the aforementioned sports programmed for a Sunday afternoon, would a Pro Comp do better than an old movie - moneywise?


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    I too think that they'll return in some form. The Oly gold divas, Peggy, Dorothy, Kristi, Tara, all had skating specials following their wins, as expected, and then went on to skate in Pro competitions (I'm not sure about Peggy). Who would have thought Michelle, without an Olympic Gold, would garner as many skating specials as she has and Sarah, after her SLC win, score zero on the Pro comp who knows.....apparantly anything can happen in "show biz"............42

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    I don't know if there were any pro comps back in 68, but Peggy did do some team comps after the 80 Olys.

    Sarah did score an NBC special contract, I forget for how many, 3 or 4 I think. She hasn't turned pro yet, performed poorly at the pro-ams she did last year, and has cancelled her first one this year. It doesn't seem to be that skating offers Sarah few oportunies (as she turns down so many that she is offered) but that she's not really all that interested right now.

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