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Thread: Twist Lifts

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    Twist Lifts

    I have a question. Most of the pairs, I think, have a Lutz/Flip Twist (LzTw). Are (or were) there any pairs who do an other Twist Lift? E.g. a Loop or an Axel? I haven't seen such a Twist before and really want to know where the difference is.. Maybe I can watch it on youtube..

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    Here's some clips of different twist entries

    Valova & Vassiliev - triple twist from an axel entry 1987 worlds

    Cherkasova & Shakrai- Quad twist from an axel entry 1980 Olympic LP

    Peter and Kitty Carruthers 1984 Olympics LP
    Lateral twist from what appears to be a loop entry at the 4:00 minute mark on the video
    There is a split triple twist at the beginning of the vid which I can't be sure which leg she is taking off from. The 1979 clip of them is very blurry, but it looks like he throws her into a twist and catches her at the height of a lift. They experimented with a lot of different things in their time, many of which aren't common to see today.

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