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    re L/T

    It is at

    under skating news and articles with the title
    of USFSA disscussion board re L/T

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    Re: re L/T

    Thanks for the links, Someone. I finally tracked it down. Here is the relevant paragraph, from a poster named Massachusettes Skater. Massachusettes Skater is an adult skater who got a chance to meet with Naomi Lang and Peter Tchernyshev at his local rink.

    "In response to flowerbud ... during our off-ice time with Peter, he did mention (without going into a lot of detail) that Naomi no longer wanted to compete. Later that day, Naomi was waiting in line behind me at the snack bar, and I asked her more about it. She was very nice, and explained that competing was no longer fun for her. She said that she had been doing ice dancing for a long time, felt good about her achievements, now is 25, and wants to move on in her life. It sounded like she was interested in coaching (she said she now coaches and enjoys her students a lot) and/or doing various exhibitions/shows. I got the feeling that she had made her decision, and felt good about it, and that right now it is really up to Peter to decide how he wants to work with her decision. It also sounded like on a certain level, she feels that she has achieved what is possible for her in skating ... that Peter and she would probably not medal in the next Olympics, and that even another National title is not a guarantee.

    "I wish Naomi and Peter the best in whatever they decide to do next ..."


    PS. BTW, to post in the same thread, be sure to click on "Add Reply," not "New Topic." -- MM

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    Re: re L/T

    <span style="color:navy;font-family:georgia;font-size:small;">In terms of marketability, I think they'd be wise to retire as National Champions rather than waiting to be unseated by the much younger B&A. Also, Naomi has had to contend with injury, and that cannot be too pleasant for her.</span>

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    Well, I think they should give it a shot, but it's up to them. B&A don't have a lock on the national title if the regining champs compete, although it is very close. And as 2006 gets closer the judges may be willing to give the nod to L/T. That's what I just love about Peter, he's not going down without a fight, and without giving it all he's got no matter what. He's not afraid to lose, and if he dies, he'll get back up and try again. He's so amazingly talented it would be a shame to see it go to waste. Probably the most talented ice dancer the US has ever seen. L/T defeniately have maturity and experience on their side. I've always felt if L/T skated to more judge friendly music, it would take them a lot farther.

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