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Thread: Which "blades" for ISI Freestyle 5?

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    I'm going to buy a new pair of boots and blades. I've decided that I'll buy SP-Teri for the boots, but I'm not really sure about the blades... I'm currently on ISI Freestyle 5 (just started learning the axel, perhaps I'll go to doubles in a few more months). I was thinking of Coronation Ace, but does anyone have other suggestions? Your reply would be really appreciated! :D


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    Re: Blades?

    I switched from Coronation Comet to Ace on my coach's recommendation when I got my new skates, and I'm glad I did. I turn and spin much better on the Ace, and I just love the blade. I can't recommend it enough.

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    As a kid, I skated on Coronation Aces through all my doubles (except axel). They are good blades.

    Now I skate on Ultima Elites and I really like them. (I'm working on re-learning my doubles) They are supposed to be similar to Pattern 99's but less expensive. I've never seen Pattern 99's so I can't verify that.

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    Re: Blades

    It's kind of overkill, but I just got new Phantom K-Picks and am loving every minute of them. They really give good stabilizing on double toes and amazing height on flips. Even my axel is better. They're truly scary looking at first, but I like them better every day.
    I have to agree with sk8r1964, though, that Ultima does make a beautiful blade that stands up to hard wear very well. Plus you can have your name and a design engraved on them if you like. Which is kind of a neat little feature.

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    I just recently went from Pattern 99 to Vision blades, and the difference in the first time out was amazing...I have better control, and my 3 turns front and back are much better. I think that I will try the K-Picks next time though.

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    I posted this on another topic earlier, but it probably fits better here!

    I skated on Coronation Ace blades for about five years and loved them. Of course, I didn't like them all that much the first time I skated on them. The toe pick was quite a bit bigger than the one on the blades sold with my first pair of boots. The first time I did a spiral with the new blades I went down hard on my knee. I had hit the dreaded toe pick. But that was the only time I ever made that mistake on my spiral!

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    i use mk professionals. they work just perfect for me, but i wouldn't know anything about blades because these are my first blades that didn't come already attached to the boot....

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    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE SP-Teri's and the blades I fould that work best are Cornation Ace, which has the crisscross toepick, pr Ultima Protege, which I started using in Freestyle 4 and got me up to the double flip. I just switched last week to Patten 99's, and the only thing that I noticed was that now I feel a LOT lighter and faster on the ice. The Protege's are pretty heavy, and since I was used to jumping with those, now my lutz (single and double) is kind of screwed up. Ultimatly, go with whatever you feel works best and whats in your price range.

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