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Thread: Create the Perfect Skater (ladies)

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    Create the Perfect Skater (ladies)

    What would the perfect skater have? Compare to other skaters for example I think it would be:

    Peggy Fleming's Grace
    Sasha Cohen's Fire
    Medori's jumps but with Sasha's air position
    Lucinda's spins
    Sasha's Flexibility
    Katya's ability to survive
    Sasha's dresses
    Tara's sweetness and toughness
    K Witt's sex appeal

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    Midori Ito's amazing jumping and power
    Lucinda Ruh's spins
    Oksana Baiul's dance ability and flying camel
    Sasha Cohen's flexibility and fire
    Michelle Kwan's grace and arm movements and consistency
    Irina Slutskaya's gutsiness and butterfly and edges
    Elena Berezhnaya's stroking
    Fumie Suguri's blur spin

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    Sasha's determination
    Michelle's Heart
    Tara's consistency
    Sasha's flexiblity
    Tara's fun spirit
    Irina's strong jumps
    Lucinda's spins

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    Dorothy's charm.

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    this is a great topic I'm going to move it to the Edge as it's not really a poll! It'll get more exposure there too

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