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Thread: Posing for "Playboy" Magazine

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    Re: My 2 cents contribution to this topic

    Originally posted by bleuchick
    On one hand, I see and sort of agree with those who say Katrina is a role model for little girls. Hence, she should not have posed for Playboy. On the other hand, society has certain expectations about women. What Katrina did is no different from those who do beauty pageants and contests. Maybe the word "playboy" is the problem.

    If I have any reservations about Katt posing for Playboy, which I real don't, I couldn't care less, the fact of her being a "role model for little girls" would be my last concern. Maybe in Germany, but certainly not in North America. She was ten years past her eligible career when she did this, and if any young skaters had role models, or the actually time to follow any elite skater, it would be someone more current. But, like I said, maybe in Germany. Is the english Playboy actually widely available there?

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    Originally posted by rtureck
    Actually the teenage years is a time for forming IDEALS, and sky is the limit kind of dreams. What were your dreams when you were in jr high and high school? I remember day dreaming about a bright sky is the limit kind of future with my friends. We were all going to Africa to build hospitals and improve the life and health care there. Some of my friends dreamt about winning the Nobel prize....

    Many teenagers are very willing to listen to their parents / teachers with these goals and ideals in their minds.
    ITA, RTureck, and I withdraw all my comments that might seem otherwise.


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    What a strange thread!

    I've never seen the Kat photos, but I've seen some of Greg Lugainus from PlayGirl and they were very artsy and nice. Of course, going from a speedo to nude isn't that big of a leap. LOL

    Art vs porn isn't so black and white to me. I think that there's a huge gray area from greek statues to xxx, and opinions are always going to vary. A few weeks ago I waited several days for an episode of 'Sex and the City' to download, only to be shocked and horrified to find someone doing it with an animal instead when I opened the file. I seriously suggest that anyone who thinks a few airbrushed photos of Kat's boobes are demeaning and a bad example, needs to prioritize.

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    Originally posted by windspirit
    I'm having a déjà vu. There was a very similar thread at the old GS, wasn't it? As for Katarina's choice, beside the fact that Playboy's photos are ridiculously airbrushed and posed I don't see the sin. It's just a human body, get over it.

    Believe me, Panther, they're already there! I've been unfortunate enough to sit next to one at one of the local shows. It was his wife who dragged him there, I doubt it was some skater's nude photos. Btw, if someone who saw Katarina in Playboy went to see a skating show or a competition I'd call that a progress. I'd bet there're quite a few men whose love for the sport started in a similar way.
    Yeah, I know that they are already here. But, I was just going on an old interview by her years ago somewhere. She said that one of the reasons for doing it was to open up the sport to more fans( not her exact words) but, that was her meaning. Yeah the pervs are here alright.

    I personally wouldn't do it. that is just not me. I'm not a prude or anything. Far from it. I just hate it when people do things & then try to put a spin on things that they decide to do. She is an adult & she wanted to do it for publicity for herself & for the money. Just forget the spin. As for dress codes. I am against them personally. As mother of 3 ( 2 teen age girls) if you them a great sense of themselves HOPEFULLY they won't feel the pressure of trying to follow others. I do belive that alot of the younger girls are dressy very skany as well as alot of older women. But, that is the girls parents who have to set the limits. which they don't seem to be doing. I realize that it is the style of today some of the clothing. I myself where short skirts( not too short), form fitting clothes( not to tight). But, that is where I draw the line. The girls wearing pants so low that the world is their gyno. Thats skany. But, I will say getting back on track with Katt. She was an adult when she made her choice. So I respect her choice for posing if she wanted to. It is her right to choose. Even if I don't like it. & Just hated the spin that she gave trying to make herself as some kind of spokesperson for female skaiting posing nude. That was my problem with her. Plus, the fact it did nothing for the Women in all sports. It just gavein to the sterotype about females in sports. You know the saying when all else fales & you need publicity to get a big paycheck. Pose Nude.

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    Norlite - when I mentioned a 12 yr old performing for an adult audience, I was genaralizing across board. Of course, there are kids who looks like kids but also some kids who look like adults as in those kids in beauty pageants.

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    BerthesGhost, this may be a "strange" thread, but plenty of people are posting on it, so perhaps there's some interest in the subject.

    You're certainly entitled to think that folks who believe posing for "Playboy" demeans women need to reset their priorities, but some of us don't quite see it that way.

    IMHO, Katarina Witt has portrayed herself as a sex kitten for many years. She's worn costumes that have shown a great deal of cleavage, some of her choreography has been, well, quite suggestive in nature, and she's been a flirt of the first order with the media, camermen, etc. I'm not calling Katarina any nasty names, mind you. This is just the way she chooses to conduct her business.

    If Ms. Witt wants to pose for "Playboy", she can certainly do so.
    However, I do NOT want to see any other skaters stoop to this kind of behavior. Sorry, folks, but this kind of publication is nothing but an exploitation of women, plain and simple. Call me a prude if you will, but this is nothing but trash of the first order.

    Women figure skaters don't belong on pedestals, but neither do they belong on six-page color spreads of "Playboy".

    Just my two cents, of course.

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