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Thread: Midori Ito Lights Olympic Cauldron

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    Thumbs up Midori Ito Lights Olympic Cauldron

    Here's a link to a lovely photo of 1989 World Champion Midori Ito lighting the Olympic cauldron in Nagano, 1998. What a great memory that was!

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    You know I had to miss the Olympics that year...lived in Brazil and they are just not into winter sports. So, I did not see Riverdance, Elvis's groin pull (have to be careful here...too much info!?)

    I missed this lighting of the caldron. While I do agree that Midori was an excellent choice to light it, this picture looks like we are celebrating a BBQ.

    Back then I wished that technology would be at the point that I could watch performances "in video" on the it is so easy...last night I watche B&K's LP again. 5 years is a long time


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    True....and because the US television networks did not televise the figure skating events LIVE as they happened, we all saw them
    on tape. Unless you were residing in a cave, you knew the results. I heard about Tara Lipinski's victory over Michelle Kwan on CBS-radio while I was at work. So....there wasn't much drama in watching the figure skating competitions.

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    Cool! Thanks SkateFan4Life!

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    I'm not as proficient in posting photos as IdleRacer, but I can find those websites!

    Midori looked absolutely stunning as she lit the Olympic flame!!

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