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Thread: Big Brother Updates

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    Big Brother Updates

    Starting a new thread--

    "Let's do it for Justin!" -- Robert

    Alison and Robert in the pool. Agreeing that since the bastards are ripping Justin away from them, that they'll get revenge on the b****s in return!

    They agree that Jun should go next, then Jerika. And then when it's the three of them, that whomever gets HOH will just take the person they want to the finals. "If you win you vote out me, if I win I vote out you," says Robert. Robert says that the Stooges control the votes in the end - the person they want to win will win.

    Yes, that is SURE to get Alison on his side.

    Now Robert is telling Alison that he told off Jun before the nomination ceremony. Sure, Bobo. He's saying that he got sick of her double dealing and told her so. Justin had to settle Robert down. "I just wanted her to know that we know, and I'm not going to let her switch sides again." Alison: "Oh, EVERYONE knows." Blah blah blah stupidliars.

    Jack: What do we tell Jun? Should they tell her that the DS is coming after her in order to bring her closer to the Rebel Forces, but would she tell Jee? Because Jee has already offered her up. Alison thinks they maybe they could tell her if one of the Stooges win HOH, but not otherwise because unless the Stooges win HOH and put her up, they're not going to go after her before the Stooges (if they get HOH).

    All agree that they can't really make a decision until after the Veto. Jack says Jun can't come to the DS anymore, only to them. Alison reminds him that Jun can go to Jee, and Jee will tell the other Stooge.

    Alison says that in the HT last night all of the Stooges sounded like they didn't want Jun in the game. She thinks they don't like her as a person, and truthfully neither does she.

    Jack says they'll just have to wait until after Justin comes to Erika with his deal in order to decide what they're going to do re: Robert's offer to call a truce between the sides in order to go after Jun.

    Erika says that Robert hates her. Justin says he doesn't. Just her dogs. Erika says that Justin can ask Robert: she doesn't cry. It's just the circumstances in this house. There were bets on whether or not she was going to cry at the nomination ceremony.

    I just saw the most disgusting thing. Robert is in the shower, and if that's not enough, he just blew his nose into his hand and washed it down the drain.

    Holy infinite loop of suckitude.

    The hamsters are hanging around waiting for the veto comp. Erika's in the diary room getting instructions. And Robert hits a new low . . .

    . . .he starts talking about Big Brother 1. The vilest man ever talking about the boringest season ever. It's like a convergence of all things suck in the universe. Anyway, he asked if they had HOH the first year. Jack correctly answers no, and explains how things worked.

    Jun won veto

    Jee and Snotbert outside. Jee is drunkenly talking to sober Snotbert saying that Jee is the next target. That they have to stick together. Jee says that they can't have any regrets for all that's happened up to this point. Jee says he's sick of the girls doing their f***ing girly games. He's swearing a lot. Lots of girl bashing. Jee, don't drink so much again. Snotbert is regretting what he did in the competition. Snotbert says that he doesn't want to be around these W****S anymore. He hates these B****S. Jeeeez. They're w****s and b****s?!? What is HE? A snot sniffing, bugger picker, alcoholic cheater. Nice.

    As Ali comes out, Snotbert says that he doesn't want to be around Erika. He's got some real rage in his voice. Sounds like he could crack if Erika were to come out right now and try to talk to him. Alas, she does not. Ali gets in the HT. They both go over near her. Ali asks if they are mad at her. They ask why they would be. Ali says that she thought Justin had it. They both agree (Jee and Robert).

    Now Justin is sharing his manifesto as to how BB is manipulating the game to make certain people more apt to win certain competitions. You mean like the question about Ali that only you knew that won you HOH? Then yes, the game is rigged. Everyone locked in a cage is a fair fight. No one got out because they couldn't do it, they got out because they didn't need to win. Just like Robert did. He knew you were the one going be burned. Deal with it and stop your whining.

    Jun is bawling in HOH & Alison has gone into comfort her. This totally goes against her plan of not crying in front of anyone.

    Ali could hear Jun crying outside HOH and Jun is a startled that she was crying that loudly. Ali does her comforting, asks Jun if she would like to be alone and leaves when Jun says yes. Jun thanks her and now all 4 feeds are on Jun sobbing, uncontrollably at times.

    America's Choice brought this on. the hamsters were told.
    Announcement of who won should be tonight they think.

    Robert is falling all over himself telling Erika what a great player she is, how she's taking out the strongest player, Let's see if I can remember the list:

    1. You gave everything of yourself to me.
    2. I am so sorry you had to be the one who was with me during that period of my life.
    3. You never did anything wrong or bad, you were a saint.
    4. It was all my fault and I wish you could forgive me, because we are adults and better people now.

    I could go on and on and on and on and on . . .

    Robert goes in with the stooges and starts ragging on Erika being unstable, that she threatened to slash his tires and he's talking about his office getting a call from Erika. He admits he cheated on Erika but F**k that was three years ago. I mean he went straight from Erika \ a** kissing\ to Stooges \ A** kicking. This man takes repulsive to new lows. He is at rock bottom and starting to dig.

    Robert is giving Jee [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color] because Jee's girl knows how much Jee makes. Robert says to NEVER let the b****h see your paycheck.

    I have to comment on something Justin said a few minutes earlier on the Robert De-virginizing his friends sister, he said, "I'm coming over to take care of your sister like that."

    Robert gets with Justin and tells him the whole conversation with Erika in the hammock. He tells it pretty straight. What he wants from Justin is to know who he should align with, Erika, Jun or Ali.

    Justin says Erika because she is more trustworthy. He'll never know what Ali is thinking; only Justin can read her and once he's gone who knows what she'll do.

    Robert tells more of Erika's convo and Justin points out how Erika is smart. He says definitely align with Erika.

    Ali asks Erika how many reality shows she has applied to. Erika applied for the Amazing Race. Which we already knew because Coke Nose was using that as part of his campaign of hatred against E.

    Annnnd. Snotbert is running his mouth as he soaks in the pool on Feed three. Jun has coated herself in baby oil - a ton of it, big amount of real estate to cover so pretty much half a bottle - and lays out on her back.

    Snotbert finishes up a "World according to Snotbert" lecture and then asks Jun about Bob? He broke up with her? She says they talk and see each other but no sex. Her heart is with Bob but she keeps an open mind. SoBert wants to know if she loved him or was it because she's just insecure.

    Oh the Ick factor is a toxic ten listening to SoBert talk boyfriends with Jun. He's giving her advice? Jun says Bob is scared of marriage. She says it's a very serious thing. Robert seems aghast that a man balks at marriage. Loser.

    Jun says she had been on twelve or fifteen dates all with different guys. One was a producer. She says guys just come up to her and hand her their business cards and ask her out.

    Jun: If you have the guts to do that then I'm flattered and I'll give you a chance

    Robert and Jee compliment themselves on how well they've been playing the game. They hope it's "meant to be" that they're the final 2. Snotbert thinks that would be incredible because that means the dream team won. They're both kind of feeling each other out to make sure the other isn't going to bail.

    If one of them wins HoH, they'll put Jack and Erika up, to get Jack out of the house

    Blech. Jee is talking about how they have control over those "f***ing b****s." They'll listen to whatever they want. God, I hate these guys. Jee seems to think that they should keep Erika because they feel she won't get any votes in the final against either one of them

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    Misc. Nonsense

    Ali says she is getting stupider by the day. A flock of punch lines fly overhead. They remember when Jee thought somebody would be coming into the house to give them haircuts. Hamsters am gullible.

    Ali and Jun go into the BR. Jun is going to dye Ali's hair red. Ali yells her mom is going to "beat her ass for this." Maybe it will turn green. Or fall out. Hee.

    With beautiful turn of phrase, Jee ponders "What is inside this peanut butterf--king jar?"

    I cannot improve upon such lyrical offerings

    Justin asks Jun if Bob smokes Gary. Jun tells him f--k no, and that Bob is a CFA and can't be doing that [color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color]. Justin says he doesn't understand, because "it don't make you stupid." My god, this guy is going to do more to prevent drug use than Nancy Reagan and the war on drugs combined. He's a walking "this is your brain" ad.
    Justin next starts grilling Jun about how much money Bob makes. Jun gives him over 6 figures and under half a million, which finally placates Justin.

    Justin would rather be in the restaurant business than be a CFA. Now there's a man playing to his strength. "Happy meal" is definitely easier to say than "portfolio."

    The Stooges begin their pre-eviction day pumping up of their sad, tired selves. The usual cliches are trotted out for airing: Anything could happen...It's our chance...f--ketyf--ety f--k f--k f--k (thanks Jee). Justin says he can't wait for tomorrow's competition. He says he'll be watching close. Um, from where? Does Justin think there is gonna be a tv in the back seat of the 1986 Yugo that is going to drive him to Sequesterville for his unholy reunion with Dana on CBS Studio Lot Number 666? Yeah, he probably does. Tool.

    Jack, Erika and Jun talk of the impending eviction. Jun reports that Robert "jammed all his stuff in there" (suitcase) because he knows he isn't going anywhere. Jack thinks Robert is going to choke tomorrow night at the HOH competition. I hope he's right but this seems to be a case of "it takes one to know one," Jacko. Jun says with Justin being evicted we are "taking out the head, but the right hand and left hand will still be here." Funny, I thought we were left with two dicks.

    Jee and Justin have a conversation of no interest whatsoever, except that they start every sentence with "Dude." We have to give Jee some credit here. It is one step up from starting every sentence with "f--k".

    Unholy Alliance
    Robert and Erika are outside practicing Bocce Ball. Robert confirms with Erika that their discussions are private. Erika says yes. Robert says that things get around, and he wants to make sure she isn't going to talk about any of their conversations. Robert tells her to keep rolling the Bocce balls so nobody will think they are discussing strategy

    At midnight the 24 hour PB&J day ends. The hamsters are ravenous and the thought of food pumps up the moronic level ten-fold. Jee says pretty soon they will eat and then tomorrow they'll kick ass. Ali says she is "such a meat eater for a girl."
    Jee and Justin talk about Justin's upcoming eviction. Jee asks him what the Chenbot will ask him in his interview. Justin says he doesn't know. Justin wonders how long it will be before he "gets to sequestering." Just across the studio lot, there buddy. Jee says "they put you in a car, and then you're gone." Jee's been watching too much "for love or money."

    The Super Secret Plan
    Jack, Erika and Jun decide to plan seeds of paranoia in Ali's less than fertile brain. They are going to start a rumbling campaign saying the Stooges are going to vote her out next week. The logic being Ali will become paranoid and stay with Jack, Erika and Jun.

    Strategerie, Bocce Style
    Jun and Jee outside practicing Bocce Ball. Jee says he or Robert needs to win HOH, but he is pissed that Robert isn't practicing very much. Jun tells Jee "Robert is going to ride in your back pocket and make you do all the work." Jee calls Robert a "stupid s--t." Jee tells Jun he knows she isn't going to go for HOH, but if she wins accidently, what will she do? Jun says put up Jee and Robert, but if somebody uses Veto, put up Ali. Jee isn't too thrilled with this plan.

    Honey, This Is No Way To Win Miss Congeniality
    Let the Nate bashing begin! Ali tells Justin to tell Nate "hi" in sequesterville. Robert and Justin tell Ali all the bad things Nate said about her right before he left -- he regrets ever meeting her, if he saw her ever again it would be too soon. At first Ali laughs it off, and then goes for Nate's sequestered jugular. She says she is going to send him (via Justin) a period soaked tampon with the word "[color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color][color=red]*[/color]" written in blood.
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    Wednesday Morning

    They are awake. Must be outdoor lockdown, because you never see all of them outside at the same time. Thanks to the artistic camerawork by Skippy, it appears that they have changed the Bocce Ball lane slightly. Towards the end is the HOH symbol, and where the "O" would a hole. I'm betting you that they have to try to get it in the hole or closest to the hole.

    The Hamsters are very quiet. I think most of them just got up. Erika and Ali are complaining about how different the Bocce Ball setup is from last night. All that practicing, gone to waste! Jack says at least it gave them something to do.

    Outdoor lockdown is over. Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson! Jun is wearing her American Flag bikini. My eyes! My eyes!....... Breakfast making is going on and I am treated to a shot of Jun. I immediately feel the need to do about a hundred situps. No, she is not wearing anything over the bikini and you can all imagine the horror that I am currently watching.

    Everyone is in the kitchen helping, with the exception of Robert who is already having his booger breakfast out in the backyard.
    Ali is spilling to Jun about the stooges plan to get rid of Erika this week and Jun the next week. Jun and Ali say the stooge plan is so dumb. I think the two of them are sticking with Jerika on getting Robert out this week if they win HOH.

    Robert-"It might bite us in the ass if she stays. She should be the first one out." Robert says he doesn't see Jack as a threat. He never has. He keeps talking about "if we end up with her, it's not a good thing." He says I'm not scared of beating Jack at the end. HONNNNNK. Robert? Here. He says Ali is going to stick with us after this week, so we're cool.

    GAK. I still don't know who "she" is. It's either Jun or Erika. Oops. It's Erika. Robert says take HONNNNNNK out Erika, then Ali stays with us, and we can beat Jack any day.

    Robert says they want Erika out. They say Jack f--king forgets s--t and he can't do anything physical. Robert says Erika has endurance and will eat anything, so she is a tough competitor. Robert says Erika has that "can-do s--t" and she won the hardest HOH ever. Robert is firm that he doesn't want Erika with them. Jee reminds them that Jack stuck it out for 6 hours in the cage. He's not trying to change minds, but he points out people can do amazing things.

    Back to HOH competition. Game isn't even close to what they practiced. Poor babies. They talk about two "bumps". The first one would be ok, but the second one will be tough.

    Jack comes out. Says he needs a change of venue. They start ragging on Jun and Jun's baby voice. It drives Justin f--king crazy. Robert says it isn't cute, and his daughter would never do that. Jee says she never did it when they dated. Jack says they have been together too long and things are starting to grate on them. Justin says he biggest pet peeve is women and their "baby voices." He wants to choke them.

    Jun and Ali in the kitchen. Jun is explaining to Ali about the "backdoor plan" of the Stooges where Jack and Erika are put up, someone wins veto, Erika taken down and Ali is put up and voted out. Ah, the seeds of paranoia. Inch by inch, row by row...gonna make this garden grow. Ali says it isn't going to work. Jun tells her that Robert butters her up and treats Ali like a little girl. Ali tells Jun they don't know them too well, do they? You gotta give Jun credit...she's playing Ali like a violin.

    I think Jun has managed to convince Ali not to throw the HOH comp tonight and Erika heads back to cement the Ali relationship and alliance. Erika reassures Ali that she and Jack have her back and not to believe Robert. Ali agrees.

    Jun now heads into the back bedroom. Jack told Jun that Robert talks s--t on every woman in the house and Jun is telling Ali this right now. Jerika is working their mojo through Jun to get Robert out this week. Jun and Ali are very pissed at Robert right now for his sexist attitude.

    Jun thankfully puts on a pair of pants and a shirt on over her bikini and heads back out to the LR.
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    Jun tells Jack and Erika that Ali was saying to Jun that Erika was buttering up Justin when he was leaving by saying "Good game and talk to you soon." Erika is like "Huh?". Jun also tells them that Ali keeps saying in front of Robert and Jee "I'll never be over Justin" and Jun said to her "But aren't you with Donny?" to which Alislut replied "Yeah, but I'll never be over Justin."

    Erika says to Jun "You have to win the veto, but don't put yourself in jeopardy", Jack agrees. They are saying Jee has to put up Ali if the veto is used because he won't put up Robert or Jun. Jun isn't so sure about that thinking she could get put up if the veto is used.

    They say Jack and Erika's only real hope is if Jun wins the veto. They say they would then control the votes and Ali would be gone. Erika then says it would be 3 vs. 1 in the HOH competition and if they lost that to Robert then they don't deserve to be here. Jun talks more about Ali saying she thinks the stooges love her because she loves Justin and is so sorry he is gone.

    Jack and Erika talking about how it will suck without the other there. Jack says he thinks Erika will get to the finals. They then talk about how they don't understand Alislut at all. Jack tells Erika that Jee said twice to him already that he wanted to see him after the nominations tomorrow. Jack thinks that Jee will tell him that he is sorry he had to do it but it's a game and that he would be the one to go. Erika says "Or he could tell you that you're the pawn" (which will probably happen) and Jack says "Oh God I hope not".

    Jack brings up that Robert told him that this week may not be as bad for him as he thinks but to not tell Erika that. In which Erika again says Jack will probably be the pawn tomorrow.
    Jee and his Goodies

    Jee gets his HOH basket of goodies from BB. Included is a CD of love songs and some sort of gift from his girlfriend. Jee says he knows now she is "still with him." Ali, meanwhile, cries and moans over her HOH loss. She says she wanted to get stuff from home, but even if she did, there wouldn't be anything there from Donnie.

    Do The Twist
    The twist has totally freaked out Ali. First she thinks it means
    somebody will win a car. Then she is convinced the twist means she'll be nominated and sent home. Hey...can there be an America's Choice for that? Ali says "the twist works" and then boards the Karma express to sequesterville by mocking the Chenbot's "Expect the Unexpected."

    That's the Plan, Stan
    Robert, Jee and Ali talk outside. Robert tells Ali the plan is to vote out Erika, but not tell her. They are to act as if they are going to vote out Jack. Robert wants it to be a big surprise on eviction night. The Stooges desperately want to be as cool as the O8 when they voted out Michelle, but it's just not gonna happen.
    Robert has a Good Idea (See: Third Sign of the Apocalypse)
    Robert tells Jee that they will tell Ali that they won't make any new alliances. Robert says they will tell Ali that Justin told them before he left, that he (Justin) wanted Robert and Jee to take Ali to the finals with them. Robert says they will keep mentioning Justin alot and Ali will believe them.

    The World According to Jun
    Jun tells Jack and Erika that when they go to talk to Jee, they should be "brutally honest." She says Jee is disappointed in Robert because he has to "carry him." She also says the Jee is "fed up with Ali." Jack asks if Jee might nominate Ali. Jun says maybe. Jun says she doesn't want Ali to make the finals because she (Ali) has "set the women's movement back 40 years." A large anvil with the words "I am going to cook my way to the finals." drops on Jun. THUNK

    Does Membership Come with a Decoder Ring?
    Ali speaks to Jee. She is worried she will be put up if Veto is used, and then she will be evicted. Jee says she is safe if she promises she will keep Jee safe next week. Ali says yes. jee says if Veto is used, he'll put up Jun. Ali repeats and repeats that she is not on "their" side anymore and he has to believe her. She asks "should let them know that I have officially joined you?" Jee says no, because then she'd be a target.

    Jun Zings! Jun Scores
    Jun talks to Jee. Jun makes some mumbly suggestion and Jee says "Robert would never go for that." Jun asks why would he have to know? Jun goes for the jugular and says it isn't Jee's game anymore. Jee says but it IS his team. Jun asks Jee "what does Robert want you to do?" Jee says it's not what Robert wants. Later, Jee recounts all convos to Robert. Robert is thrilled. He tells Jee "you did everything I thought you should do."

    Justin took half the condoms when he left. Ick. (well, he IS going to see Nate soon).

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    So what was the big unexpected twist they were thrown? I hate waiting for the telecast!

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    Question VETO -TWIST - FOOD COMP all rolled into one?

    Ericka is bawling, jack is consoling, and Jun is eating.

    Jack told them to start eating all they can. Looks like it's PB&J again.
    Ah, they did the ol' sellout your housemates for PB&J contest.
    Apparently Jee accepted, and they have it for 1 week
    Jun is apologizing for Jee being in the house.

    They have six hours left to eat other food. It's binge time!
    Jee says he accepted the offer because it was only for one week.

    No one is talking to Jee at the moment. Erika is now in the frontroom crying Jee is still saying he didnt accept 2 weeks or a month just a week! but he is the only one that did it.

    Jun, baby, you better pack it in. It's gonna be a long week. I wouldn't surprised to see her devour that entire watermelon singlehandedly.

    Booger Bob is picking at his face and fidgeting, but is silent for the moment, which is music to my ears.

    from some of the things they're saying, I think Jee also was rewarded with the veto for taking the bribe, but I'm not sure yet.

    Verrrrry interesting. Alison's lips were puckered up on Jee's ass in HOH and she was saying that she was glad he took the deal because it was good for "their" team. She asked him if she got HOH next week, if she should nominate Jack and Jun. And then asked, who would we vote out, Jack or Jun, and right at that moment Erika busted in to say "no hard feelings." And now Jee's repeating how guilty he feels, etc. etc. etc.

    Gah! Robert just said that if it had been two weeks on peanut butter and jelly, he would've walked out the door tonight. Too bad, folks. So close... and yet so far.

    Oh the Drama of HOH
    Poor Jee. Jee feels guilty. Jee feels he was the target. Jee thought for sure Jack or Erika would take the deal. Jee was also visibly upset with Jun for being confrontational with him in front of Ali. Jee grabs a ladder and climbs on his very high horse and says "in the beginning I came in here with a target on my back, and now they want me to feel sorry for them??" Jun tells Jee taking the deal was a good decision for the current week, because it gives him total power and control. Jun says it was a bad decision for the following week, because now he is a target.

    Robert said he didn't want everybody pissed at him.
    Jun said she didn't want to see people suffer for a week, and if she had to leave (be evicted) it would be ok.
    Ali said no. Then she asked "Did you see Robert on peanut butter and jelly??"
    Erika said she "feels like Marcellus."

    You're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Donny!
    Ali says she is missing her boyfriend. Jee says he's a nice looking dude...he has nice calves. What??

    The Votes
    Ali and Jun discuss who they are voting for. It appears that they are going to vote out Jack and keep Erika. The feeling is they fear the three boys will gang up on the two girls if Erika leaves. Jun tells Ali they joined forces at the right time. They feel Erika is weak in competitions, and they can "take her out" at the end. Jun rags on the boys for calling themselves "The Dream Team." Ali calls Robert a "little rich boy" and says all he wants in the big money...he won't accept second place.

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    Not much happening yet today

    The women all look pissed. Erika gets called to the DR, and Ali stares morosely into space. Jack and Slobert are in the kitchen, silently moving around making breakfast. Slobert takes a moment to pick his nose, then ear, then nose again, then surreptitiously "chews a fingernail." Did someone neglect to tell this man that people will actually be watching what they do in this house? It's like he missed that memo or something

    Erika sniffs and says that the alliance between her and Jack is now over. She sniffs again. Jun mumbles something, and Erika gets up, saying that she thinks "that since she heard <something> last night, it's going to be easier." I think they're saying that Alison heard the Stooges saying something about their Boy Power! plan.

    The backyard is filled with probably 100 gnomes or more. There are some helmets on a table and a hammer next to each helmet.

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    skate sandee, I think that was the "twist" - the food competition and the veto competition rolled into one.

    I don't know whether they told the people beforehand that they would win veto if they accepted the offer of cash, but it looks like Jee definitely has the power of veto and now everyone else has to eat PB&J for a week and he got $10,000 and he can eat whatever he wants.

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    Weekend Update

    correction: due to some of Robert's comments about $10,000 and saying he would have accepted if it was more money I mistakenly thought Jee accepted money for the veto. when I watched the show on TV and got to see the veto competition I saw that I was mistaken! sorry 'bout that! Jee didn't get any money.

    LUXURY Comp.
    It's the start of the luxury competition and Jee has given them all outfits to put on which are like primitive loincloths or skirts and some "warpaint". They have to be ready in 5 minutes. Ali says "They always have us put on naked things", which would seem to be counterintuitive, but hey, that's Ali.

    Erika was definitely not comfortable with her top as she now has a bathing suit top on. (Probably wise, the one provided was not looking, um, up to the task...)
    Snotbert with his pinkie finger up his nose. With tribal paint on his face.

    Jee determines everyone is ready. They are all told to retrieve a specific article of their own clothing and return. Erika must bring the fugly pink hat. Please let there be a burning!

    Oh dear god, Jun should not be wearing such a teeny bikini!

    And dark FoTH. Ali is to bring her white short shorts, and Snotbert is to bring a tank top. I can't remember the other articles of clothing. Jee has a smiley painted on his back.
    The costumes and paint are not meant to offend Native Americans, but cave people. (insert Sluggo joke here)

    Robert is to burn his orange tank top, and Jee has to burn his red shorts. They're still protesting the burning, but are giddy at the thought of the shopping trip. Jack mockingly declares he won't forgive any of them for dissing his black sweats. He mournfully declares that they're nice, and he's had them for years, and FoTH returns.

    I guess they can pick whose clothes to burn. Erika playfully grabs clothes. She prances about with Jee's shorts then throws them into the flaming barrel. Jee promises revenge. Hee - the flames change color.
    It's Jun's turn. Jun picks up Rob's tank top and mocks it. She says he wears it when he wants to show off his belly.

    Jun goes for Ali's short shorts, causing her to scream. She puts them down, then puts on Erika's hat. She mocks Erika for saying she needs it to keep the sun off her face, but says Robert can burn it. She goes for Jack's pants. The Hamsters chant "BURN THOSE PANTS!" Jun tosses them into the barrel and the flames shoot high into the night. Jack jokes about needing to cover his bony butt.

    Ali's turn. She struts around. She goes for Rob's tank top, because Justin gave it to him. She complains it still smells of ass. But then she puts it down and slinks over to the hat, which she puts on. Then she takes it off, saying Robert can burn it.

    She picks up the fishnet top, which Jun says costs $30. Erika chants "Burn the shirt!" while Ali offers Jun the chance to say goodbye to the shirt. Then she dumps it into the barrel. Jun laughs that she has another one.

    Jee is next. He can't burn Robert's shirt, because he's his team member, and it originally belonged to Justin. But he knows Robert wants to burn the hat. Which will he choose?

    He picks up the hat and throws it on the ground. It's clear the hamsters hate the hat as much as we do, if not more. We haven't had to live it with up close, after all.

    Robert says Jee can pick what he wants, so Jee mocks the "fruity" color of Justin/Rob's shirt, and burns it.

    Snotbert (who literally has a large X painted on his back, hee) gleefully starts dissing the hat. The other hamsters chant "HATE THE HAT!"

    And YES! Robert dumps the hat into the flaming barrel!
    later they will get a shopping spree
    Jee's cigarettes run out today
    Robert is up. They are all hanging around the kitchen island making their morning peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
    It looks like Robert and Ali are really teaming up now. They are talking about how things happened for a reason. Nate and Justin left so that they (Robert and Ali) could work together. They are discussing how they need to study for Wednesday night. I think they were talking about how Erika is going to be a mess when she talks to Julie on Wednesday (I am assuming they are talking about her being evicted). Erika comes out and the conversation stops

    Now they are talking about next week, speculating about possible future twists, maybe they'll take away the Golden Veto and just have a regular veto. Jee Robert & Alison are talking as if they are firmly in control and the game is theirs. Now Jee is justifying taking the PBJ deal for the veto for the gazillionth time, how it was the smart thing to do and he can't help it if he was the only one smart enough to know that.

    Wondering now about upcoming HOH competition, Allison is reviewing HOH comps from last year. Robert says if questions are about the former houseguests and how well they know them, they will have an advantage because those three "are close with everyone"! What color is the ocean on your planet, Robert?
    Now Jun came out and they ask her if she remembers any of the comps from last year. Now they are all talking about last yrs Amy. Robt: "I hated Amy" Allison says she was hilarious, then calls her ridiculous. Juns favorite was Danielle. Robert didn't like anybody. Now Robert says it was smart of her to not win HOH, thats how she made it to the end. That winning more than one HOH is a guarantee you'll get "smoked" and your ass is out! Then he backpedals to Jee, saying I didn't mean like you did, just if you won 2 in the beginning of the game, not toward the end like you did. Yeah, okay.

    Erika, Jun and Ali were in the LR and reaffirming their girl power alliance by saying that Jack was definitely going. They were all giggling because it was going to be such a shock to Jee/Snotbert. Ali doesn't seem to be giving any indication which side she is actually on, so who knows where her vote is going. Ali says hates Jack and did right from Day One. Erica agrees that Jack can be creepy, but a little half-heartedly.

    Jun, Robert, and Jee sit in the bathroom. Spreading the wisdom. Jun wonders if Nathan feels stupid for begging for a second chance. Robert says that of course he will, Nate is gonna have regrets, and he got punked by a b---h on national tv.
    Jun is sitting out in the backyard on the hammock taking a break from the silliness that is going on in the LR with the rest of the hamsters. She'll be sorry she missed it since they are talking about food. What will they order for eviction night? They begin discussing possibly ordering Chinese, then talk goes to Thai. Allison had never had Thai before the Thai food she had in the house. Someone mentions Indian and Allison says she likes Indian, as well. Allison says "we're bringing a lot of culture to the house." Well, I suppose if you are referring to the cultures they take every week to test the progression of your various STDs than the answer is "yes, Allison." I'm not normally one to snark on anyone's promiscuity but Allison just makes it difficult not to.

    Well, Jun is crying but that doesn't keep her from whispering. Oh Christ, Jee comes out. All hope of intelligent conversation is gone. Jun appears to be homesick

    Jun is upset over how she left her situation with Bob and that he might feel too much pressure about their relationship because of the things Jun has said. Jun has said things about their relationship? Must have been one of the many things lost in the whisper. Erika and Ali said earlier that Jun was having "women's issues' so it's possible that Jun has cramps and all the other assorted goodies but the DR session where Jun mocks Alison and Erika for crying and claims she never cries is playing in my head right now.

    Robert, Jee and Jack in the backyard with Jee shooting hoops discussing Jun's breakdown. You know what's funny? Watching three men skirt around the issue of a woman on her period. Jack refers to Jun as "being vulnerable at this time" and Jee and Robert just sort of mumble their agreement and they move quickly away from the squicky issue of female menstruation.
    Robert has returned to form and has now disclosed that he got Jun to admit that she has talked to the doctor they have on call. Robert lied and said that he had also visited the doctor to get Jun to admit that she had also visited the doctor. They are mocking
    Jun visiting the doctor.

    This isn't news
    Dana evidently got her GED online, according to Robert.
    Ali was once (only once?) outsmarted by a five-year

    Jee's Girl (jee's girl...jee's girl....) Talkin' 'bout...Jee's Girl....(jee's girl!)
    When Jee gets back he's going to see if his girl "did anything" while he was in the house. If she did, she's "gotta bounce." Jee told his girl to be prepared to see a different Jee in the house, because he would be "flirting like crazy." Evidently it would be ok for Jee to be flirting like crazy, unlike the girls who he doesn't respect because they flirt

    Couldn't have said it better myself
    Jun calls Jee a "dumb f---." She said if he were smart he would have put up Jun and Erika. She says this will be the second time in a row he's gonna get screwed as HOH. Later, Jee backs up the upcoming Karmic slapdown by telling Robert the surprise eviction of Michelle won't happen again. He says he'll leave because he doesn't deserve to play the game if they're surprised again.

    Jun Nearly Blows It
    Jee: If you win who are you putting up?
    Jun: If I win? Robert...
    Jee: And me.
    Jun: Probably, but I'd like to put up Robert and Erika and do a tiebreaker.
    Jee: (Leans in with puzzled look on face) Robert and Erika?
    Jun: I mean Robert and Jack and do a tiebreaker and get out Robert.

    The food competition.

    Marcellas: "The gnomes are back and they're mad as hell!"

    Essentially the gnomes are angry that so many of their brethren were destroyed last season, so they've taken over the back yard.

    Erika: "I love you Marcellas!"
    Marc: "Oh! I love you too!"

    The winner gets McDonald's meals for five days, one per day, and can take along one person for each meal. NO SHARING! Certain gnomes have gold tickets someplace on their bodies. The HGs will know they've found one because it will explode in gold dust.

    HOWEVER! Dana, Justin and Nathan have hidden black tickets in certain gnomes - Marc: "Why do they have to be BLACK?" - and if someone busts a black-ass gnome black dust will appear and that person is disqualified from the game.

    You win when you collect three gold tickets.

    Marc reads a poem about the gnomes being madder than hell. Erika yells "I love you" to Marcellas again.
    Alison is out. Robert is out. God, that happened quickly.

    Erika has a gold ticket. Robert is actually cheering for Erika to get two more. Oops, she got one more. She only needs a third to win.

    Dammit, Erika got a black ticket.
    Jun is out too.

    It's now Jack vs. Jee. Jack is apparently smashing the crap out of everything. Jack now has two gold tickets.

    And Jee wins. *yawn*
    Now they're all milling around picking out gnomes to take as souvenirs. Jee is going to rotate taking people along to his daily McDonald's meal, rather than taking the same person every day.

    Wow. How very honorable of him.

    Marcellas comes back to congratulate Jee. He also says that each of them gets to take a gnome home with them. Which was pretty much a forgone conclusion, since they already had their gnomes picked out.

    Then as unexpectedly as he appeared, Marcellas chirps "BYE!" and leaves.

    Jee and Erika are having *product placement* McDonalds for breakfast. Jee puts the bag on the floor so we will soon have a FOTH as BB tells Jee, Put the McDs bag *back* on the table, Jee. Skippy makes sure he captures all angles of the sausage, muffin and cheese to compensate for Jee's ignorance.

    Ahh, Jee and Robert discuss women. Let's listen in, shall we:
    the male known as "Jee" discusses Erika, "she f---ing said right in f---ing front of me that if Jee hadn't accepted the veto then we would have all had McDonald's for a week. I just felt like slapping her. There's just some thing you don't say, shut up an appreciate what you've got."

    Robert on Erika, "she was crying all day about the food. What the f--k is that?"

    Jee repeats his story to Robert. You know, the same guy he just told the story to.

    Jun comes out. Jee repeats his story to Jun. He says that maybe if he'd known there'd be McDonald's offered he wouldn't have accepted. Jun tells him that of course he would have.

    Jee then declares that Erika is just jealous because she didn't buy the veto and she wishes she would have.
    Robert leaves, and Jun starts working on Jee not to go after Erika this week. She whispers to him that Erika has said she'd rather see Jee win the money than Robert.
    Jack begins whispering to Erika:

    Robert hates Jun. Once Jee is gone he will re-evaluate what he' been doing. He won't want to be with Ali. He would rather be with you. You must find a way to get Jee out. You can beat anyone else in the house except Jee.

    Erika had come back to the table to try and finish a little more of her McDonald's food before the 30 minute time limit was up. Jack whispers to her that they've been looking at the Stooges situation in the wrong way. They've been concentrating on pulling Jee away from Robert, but that's never going to happen. Jee is "playing the game for Justin". What they need to do is concentrate on getting Robert away from Jee. Jack believes Robert is playing the game for himself. If he goes to the finals with Jee, he will lose. So, Erika must give him a situation where he *might* be able to win first place, rather than only winning second.

    Jack tells Erika that once he's gone, she must concentrate on aligning with Robert and Jun and getting the other two hamsters out. If she takes Robert and Jun to the finals with her, it's a win/win situation for her. Jack believes that up against either one of them, Erika will take home the final prize.

    It looks like they had the shopping spree comp, similar to last year and the year before.

    Jack picked out clothes for his sons and it looks like Rob is regretting not mentioning his daughter to retain his popularity.
    Jee: "You can't go wrong with cashmere." Well, I guess so. I don't own any cashmere so I don't know.

    They agree that Jun got the best stuff.

    Jun has gone off to take a nap. Alison is in the DR. Jack was briefly taking to the Two Stooges and Erika walked through.
    Erika is apparently at the end of her rope in dealing with Alison. She can't stand having to be nice to her. Jack tells her he doesn't know how she deals with it, and she says she's just a good actress. Jack agrees and says he can't fake it as well. Jun told him that he needs to find a way to hide the look of hatred on his face when he looks at Alison

    Jee is in the HOH with Robert and Alison, and SHHHHHHHHH, don't tell anyone, but Jee is now going to eat all his HOH goodies.
    Alison rags on Erika. Alison rags on Jack. Alison rags on Jun. Alison says that if she wins HOH next week, she'll turn to Jack and tell him not to unpack his bags. Because Jack is being rude to her. "He's not speaking to me, for NO REASON." Alison speculates that maybe Jack isn't being nice to her because he knows she doesn't like him. OH, DO YOU THINK?

    Robert: "It's because of Erika, she's a sneaky b---." Robert: "She IS a sneaky bi---, it's all because of her." Alison b---hes about how Erika said something about Jun and Alison being two strong women with strong votes. Alison: "I'm not a feminist, b---h, so don't go there with me."

    More complaining from Alison about how Jack won't talk to her. Usually he's SO NICE to her. Oh, christ. Robert says that when Erika leaves Jun/Jack are f---ed because they're the two weakest players to ever play this game, so the Dream Team will cruise to the victory.

    Alison: "I can't wait until she and her pink boots walk right the f--k out of the house." These three are all giddy over the fact that Erika isn't going to know she's the one being voted out
    Robert is in the shower.


    He looked right into the camera as if to say hello.

    I feel dirty.
    Jee tells Robert how great they are. Robert agrees. They are going to the end, man, they have a gut feeling. They are the dream team. Rinse, lather repeat.

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    the past 24 hours

    Jun says her family is cool about her not dating Korean men -- they just want her to be happy. That's what her dad said, and he said that she deserved better. Not that Korean men are bad, Jun hastily adds, but a lot of them are very traditional.

    It's not that she's not proud of her heritage, Jun says, but she's not waving the Korean flag every day.

    Robert says in his family, what works is Cuban man with White woman. Not Cuban-Cuban, and not Cuban woman with White man.

    Jun says to Jee, "You can't marry a Korean woman. Korean families are way too brutal." They're very invasive, ask a lot of questions. Jee (? - can't see while I'm typing, and Jee and Ratbert sound alike to me sometimes) says that if he were marrying a Korean woman, he doesn't think he'd have a problem. Jun says that she's not saying HE would have a problem, but they'd view her (Jun) as too wild, too non-traditional.

    She says Korean people are very judgmental, and they look at everything, like whether or not you have two parents and what jobs they have, or if they found out an uncle was in trouble once you'd be out. She tells a story about a friend of hers who was asked for her resume.

    They speculate that their kids' kids generation will be free of prejudice

    Ali is now talking with Snotbert and Jee about how Erika is wanting out because she is tired of the game. She is telling them how Erika is feeling weak and will not be able to make it to the end of the game. She is turning it around to say that Jack is the bigger threat and should be voted out now because he is stronger. Hmmm. Perhaps she is trying to cover her butt and still maintain the girl alliance. Boogerbert however is adamant that Erika should be voted out.

    there are apparently things missing from the house. Robert and Ali noticed and told Jee. they are trying to take in inventory because they think it has to do with the next HOH contest. Ali tells Jun all the things that they found that were missing, despite Snotbert having just told her not to tell any of this to the other guys. Hee. Ali really is a loose cannon.

    I tune in to Jun, Ali and Erika in the LR ragging on Jee. They are so sick of his constant chatter about "my girl", she's so good, blah, blah, blah. They observe that he does not tell stories about her (or anyone) just this stuff like 'she's so fine'.

    Apparently some of the house items have come up missing and the Stooges, and the others to be honest, have been thinking that this will become part of the next HOH contest. The What's Different With the House Contest. Someone, Ali, I think, has the idea to hide stuff themselves to throw off the guys. They laugh and I laugh with them. Like kids at camp they then wonder if that would be permitted by BB. Heck, do it and find out! I think it's a great strategy!

    Jun is making fun of the way Jee used to dress when they first started dating and it's pissing him off. Said he used to wear indigo Hugo Boss jeans. JeeI'mPrettyThinSkinned starts yelling that she used to date him so she must have liked the way I dressed and Jun counters with "Yeah, that's why I took you on shopping sprees all the time."

    We move over to Jee talking about his girl. I know, you're surprised. Jee says he doesn't judge people but he can judge his girl because she has some growing up to do. He then switches to agreeing with Robert that their night-time conversations with "these people" are bulls--t. He proclaims Ali is racist, that Jun is shallow and Erika is anti-social. But, hey, have you heard that Jee doesn't judge people?

    They also go retro and pull a Roddy and complain that it is impossible to have intelligent conversations in this house. Because they so smart and the others so dumb. Yes, I have noticed that when Robert and Jee are alone, the obscure literary references, abstruse scientific theories and complex mathematical equations are just flying around the room. Perhaps, Jee's oft-repeated and much mocked phrase "You know what I'm saying" is really Jee convinced that none of us actually know what he is saying.

    Jee says if Ali and Jun ended up in the final two, it would drive him f--ing insane. He wouldn't know who to vote for. Robert says he would vote for Jun because Ali "doesn't deserve it." I think anyone who has had to live for two months in a secluded house with these two deserves whatever cash you can throw their way, even Ali.

    Great Mysteries Revealed

    Chapter One Ali declares she hates reading and she hates most books. Now I know why I hate Ali.

    Chapter Two Robert once took a shower and shampooed with a bottle of "Summer's Eve". He couldn't figure out why it wasn't lathering. He asked Jun what is was for and she tells him

    Teasing the Great and Mighty Jee

    Hamsters are on full tease mode with the Jeester. They say BB has awarded him "best microphone maintenance" as well as "Best BB player ever." Jee never takes teasing too well, but what's he gonna do. Leave? Jun also tells Jee his hair looks like a Chia-Pet. Jee protests by saying his HOH CD (Richard Marx) is the most popular one yet. Jun says "don't flatter yourself, dude."

    Jee, The Two-Faced Wonder

    Remember Jee? Who said "I'll suffer with you. I'll only eat PB&J with you." Jee is in the kitchen. He makes a bread, mustard and mayo sandwich. He took the sandwich to the HOH room, snuck in some meat, and made a ham and roast beef sandwich. Jee tells Robert how considerate he is (Jee) for not eating in front of others. Evidently Robert doesn't count as Jee eats two sandwiches. And a bag of chips. What a guy.

    Call it Fair Warning
    Robert asks Jee if he will promise to send Korean girls his way. Jee say sure thing

    It's Gonna be a "Michelle" kinda night
    Jee and Robert harp on Jun telling her not to tell Jack or Erika the vote. They want it to be a "Michelle" night. A total surprise when Erika goes. Jun, Ali and Erika want it to be "Michelle" night when Jee gets hosed again and Jack leaves instead of Erika. Robert says Erika thinks she is staying because all the girls have been so nice to her this week.

    Jun and Jee and the Super Secret Alliance
    Jun and Jee still appear to be in cahoots. Jun tells Jee the entire plan of keeping Erika and booting Jack. Jun tells Jee he has to keep his mouth shut to Robert. Jun says if she wins HOH, she would nominate Jee and Robert, with Robert leaving. Jee says if Jack stays and wins HOH, he would nominate Jee and Robert. Jun add "with Robert leaving." Jun says point-blank that Erika is going to stay. Jee says he'll act surprised. Jun tells him that he'd better. She feels Ali will throw HOH. Jun says she'll win HOH. Jee asks her what is she going to tell the other when she leaves the room. Jun says "that we hate each other."

    Great Quotes
    Jun "Jee, Every time I see you, I miss Bob more."

    So Vile, It Was Funny
    Jun asks the girls if Jee and Robert are jacking each other off in the HOH room. Ali says "yeah, they are doing it simultaneously, staring at each other. Right now they are probably both shouting Justin's name." Everybody shreaks with laughter. Even Jack is heard chuckling from the other room.

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    So far today

    Jun and Jee talking. Jun mumbles something about Robert, strategy. BB reminds her to put her microphone on.

    Jee says that honestly, as much as he loves Robert, the best chance for him would be up against Aly or Jun. Even Erica. Not Jack. But Jee thinks that he (Jee) has a slim chance of getting there anyway.

    Ali, Jun, Robert and Jee are complaining about one of the faceless female BB staff. Evidently one of them yelled at Jun and Ali last night. I think today is Jun's day to eat McDonalds. She knows it will be there soon (2pm I think). She says she is staring at the storage room door.

    How fascinating! Jee is mopping the BR floor. Erika cleans out a sink. Jun eats some bread and butter. Ali says she feels like she is getting "hippier" instead of "skinnier". Jun says no, she isn't. Ali goes outside.
    Jee, Robert and Alli are uptight about the voting. Robert I think asked this morning whether they were voting live, and Ali said they were, as a joke. But now the three of them are wondering if they really WILL vote live. After all, there's so few voting, why not?

    Ali wants to go to the DR to ask, but BB won't let her in. They agree it's because BB knows what she wants to ask. (They ignore the obvious -- who the heck wants to talk to Alison? If I could shut her out, I would too.)

    Ali leaves, and Jee and Robert start bashing her. They're sure she's on the line, and she's lying about not being offered a deal with Jun. They don't know which way she's leaning. Robert, of course, thinks she'd be stupid to side with Jun ("Who would you rather be with? Two strong guys or a piece of s--t like that?") Jee still thinks there's something up. They both remind each other there's no point talking about this stuff now.
    Honkbert was splashing around in the pool like the drowning rat that he is. Now he is out of the pool, sitting on a towel, and manifesting his "tics". Touch, pick, lick, flick... you get the idea.

    Ali complains that they haven't even had any banners and Jee singsongs "No one loves us, no one loves us..." Bingo, bro! Or dude. Whatever it is you guys prefer to be called. I like the term "jackass" for them myself.

    Ali is also complaining about waiting to go vote. Apparently they are making them wait until later than normal? Jee thinks it will be live voting. Ali insists if that's the case she is wearing her "booty pants". Spare us, please Ali!!
    Okay, voting tomorrow is live. Jun and Ali are in the BY discussing it while courting skin cancer. Now, here's where I get confused. Jun tells Ali that it works out better this way, because in their "little speeches" they can give reasons why they're voting the way they are - to evict Jack - and Robert and Jee won't be able to be mad at them. Well, I'm not sure about that last part - I think Sluggo will be pissed regardless. Anyway, it seems like not only will the votes be live, but they might be voting in front of each other. Which is interesting.

    Jun sez that the boys need to watch out because "two of the three women in the house are having their period. Right, Ali." It's that time of the month. Erika's menstrual cycle is rebellious and refuses to synchronize with the other two.

    So, uh, what other stuff can I make up? Hmm. Alison just dipped herself in lye and ran around the perimeter of the backyard chanting "I AM THE VERY MODEL OF A MODERN MAJOR GENERAL." Jee mopped ... himself. Robert removed his nose to reveal circuitry underneath. Erika cleaned the bathtub, and Jack gave himself a haircut with the house's Flowbee.

    ONE of those things is true.

    Now Robert asks Alison if she noticed anything missing? Alison says "your brain, mofo." Alison proffers that maybe BB is just doing it to f--k with them, hiding little things for no reason? Robert thinks yes, it is a little thing, and if they can figure out what little thing is missing it will help them win HOH! Huzzah!
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    Post Yesterday

    Jun got a Cobb salad
    Jun also got a Filet O' Fish. Alison sez she's never had one, is it healthy? Jun says yes, that it's fish even though it's fried. Oh, Jun. Jun, Jun, Jun. A Filet O' Fish is phenomenally BAD for you.
    Jun also got McNuggets.
    Jun: "Oh my god, I'm going to cream in my panties!"

    Jun is indulging in a festival - nay, an ORGY - of food. She takes bites from one thing, then moves on to another. First it was the FO'F, then the McNuggets, and now she moves on to the salad. Jun wonders aloud if the camera crew gets McDonalds this week too. Why, yes, Jun. They do. Because they are also on PB&J this week.

    Jun just compared herself to an Ethiopian. I just can't add anything to that.

    Jee says he is "mesmerized" and "amazed" at how much Jun just ate. She ate all her Filet O' Fish, all of her nuggets, and some fries. I do believe she ate the salad too.

    Jun says that Jee KNOWS she can eat, he was with her for six years. Jee corrects her and says five and a half. Jun: "Why aren't you giving me that half a year? You should round up, motherf---er."

    I simply cannot resist.

    Fillet 'O Fish
    Calories: 470
    Calories from Fat: 240
    Total Fat: 26 grams
    Carbohydrates: 45 grams

    Large French Fries
    Calories: 540
    Calories from Fat: 230
    Total Fat: 26 grams
    Carbohydrates: 68 grams

    Chicken Nuggets-6 pieces
    Calories: 310
    Calories from Fat: 180
    Total Fat: 33 grams
    Carbohydrates: 20 grams

    Jee wants this week to end. Me too, ya big freak. I'll be so happy when your second Reign of Terror is over. Slobert can't wait for next week when he wins HOH.

    Jack ordered Chinese for tomorrow and Erika ordered Thai.

    Jack: "We love Asian food, and we love Asians."

    Now Jerika and Jun talk about walking out of the house. Erika says you walk straight to Julie, "don't stand there and look around like some people do."

    Jun & Jee are playing cards. They are play arguing as Jee keeps saying that Jun is being verbally abusive and it was like that before. Jun says not at all that she is just playing around. Jee calls her a "f---ing b---h". That Jee, always so smooth with the women.

    Jee'n'Slobert in the HOH room discussing what has gone missing from the house. If this has anything to do with the HOH competition, I'm sorry to say that Booger Bob actually has a good chance of winning because these two are going over it ad nausea. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN.

    Well, OK, Jun and Erika are in the BY also discussing the missing items. This makes me feel a bit better.

    They brought the clock back, they took away the spice rack.
    Erika is packing. I think it would be funny if she packed a few random items around the house just to throw everyone off track. A salt shaker here, a coffee cup there.

    Now Alison is getting in on the action. She counts eleven things missing. I think Jee had said ten. Ah-ha, I think the boys are ignorant to the departure of the spice rack. Erika wants to keep it that way.

    Let's see... Jee and Slobert are in the kitchen. STILL talking about what's missing. I heard Jee say "so that's what's missing from the kitchen" but missed what it was. OK, it was the spice rack. So they figured that out too.

    Ali also whispered to Erika that the fish were missing. The fish on the plasma screen. Erika nonchalantly meanders through the LR and glances over to see the aquarium sans fishies.

    She wanders to the backyard to see Jun jumping rope on the giant chess board and mentions that the guys are making soup (huh?) and will probably notice now that the spice rack is gone. Of all the luck - now they decide to cook.

    Slobert is giving Alison completely bogus information on how to get an acting job. If she gets 10 auditions, she'll get a job, according to Slobert. Alison is all "really?" "really?" He says that Alison can't be focused on her boyfriend, she has to focus on her acting, and she'll make it. All she has to do is be able to get up at 6:00 a.m., and she'll get a job. Yeah, it's really easy to get an acting job.

    Alison b---es about Donny, saying that Donny has done some really f---ed up things to her, and that if she got an acting job, she'd just call him and say goodbye. She would not even go home. No way. She can get up at 6:00 a.m.!

    Jee's bitter, damn it! He just wants to leave this place. He doesn't want to walk out, though, because he's not a quitter. If he's voted out, he's going back home with a smile and seeing his girl. He was really hesitant about coming to the house. Slobert says he was too, of course. Jee doesn't realize how incredibly obvious it is to be hesitant about committing three months of your life to living under the cameras, and says it like it's a revelation again.

    Alison on Slobert (to Erika): "If I met him in the bar and he spoke one word to me, I'd f---ing kick him in the nuts and let him drop on the floor. I mean, I f--ing hate that kid. Where do they find these people? Where did YOU find him?"

    more words of wisdom from Ali:
    "Jun is the most materialistic person I've ever met. I don't know where she comes from and how well off her family is. My family's not well off. It doesn't matter that my father's a lawyer. That doesn't mean jacks--t in a small town." Ali gets so aggravated at Jun's greed and materialism. Ali's boyfriend comes from a poor family. "They live in the ghetto with all these black people; she's like the white poor mom" awww.

    Erica tells Ali that she has the ability to change the world -- she's smart, beautiful, blah-blah. Ali softly echoes, "I do." I agree -- but I'm not convinced ol' Ali can change it for the better.

    Ali says Slobert asked her the first week what kind of car her dad drives. Erica says Slobert is very materialistic, and always has been. That's how he judges people. She doesn't know how she and Slobert got together -- they're very different people.

    Jee and Slobert complaining about the girls and how negative they are. Jee can't stand to talk to the girls because all they want to do is rip on people. That's not Jee. Jee doesn't like to rip on people. At least not to their faces which is why he's in the HOH room with Slobert ripping on people behind their backs. Right now, he's focusing his ire on Jun. She's always criticizing him, she should get her own life straight and not focus on him, she's a f--ing b---h. All of them are shallow b----es. He'd rather talk to Jack than those b---es (that's how far he's willing to go in order to not speak to the Barbies). Slobert is the only thing worthwhile in the house. Slobert is currently peering out the HOH window to look at the other HGs.

    Now, they've switched to Ali. If she doesn't come talk to them, that's cool. She's going to do what she's going to do. She basically gave them her answer. It's cool. Blah, blah, blah, sour grapes cakes. Jee states the obvious and says that he is just here until he leaves. He doesn't care if he leaves before Jun. It was an immature comment he made previously. He can't believe he's stuck in this house with a bunch of a--holes. Slobert agrees.

    The Barbies have moved to the LR and are going over the missing items in the house. They are whispering, mumbling. Even that stops when Jack comes out to STFC. Poor Jack. No one will talk to him.

    back to the HOH or Irony where Jee is complaining about Jun and how she only wants to date good looking guys. That's how she is man. That says a lot about her. I guess insisting that your girl have a great ass isn't shallow, though

    No Pressure. Just Threatening Persuasion
    Jee and Slobert talk to Ali. Keep in mind; they are not pressuring her at all. No, no, not at all. Jee tells Ali there is "no pressure. You make a decision, and it's final. No threat to you." Jee tells Ali he could have taken Jacks suggestion to take somebody down and put Ali up instead. Slobert says "Yeah, we have a goal, and if you vote against us, you're gonna mess us up." Jee says, "I'm not pressuring you. There's no pressure, Ali."

    The Itchy and Scratchy Show:

    1. "I am going hard for veto next week. I'll make them sh-- in their pants."

    2. "Money doesn't mean sh-- to me. What I value is a girl who f---ing loves me to death. And my family. I didn't kiss ass to nobody. I just want to see my girl. That's my prize."

    3. "Sometimes it's important not to talk about the game. I miss my girl. I want to go home. It's been a long time that we've been away from civilization."

    4. "I don't want to walk out. I'm not a quitter."

    5. "I was humble the second week. I won't be smacked in the face again."

    6. "I can see Erika or Jun winning this game. Ali, I just can't. If she wins, I'll question life a little bit. It will bother me."

    7. "F--k it. Whatever happens. When Jun goes through her depressive moods, I sympathize -- not to badmouth her -- but she's so damn conceited...."

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    Prediction for tonight: Jun and Aly will gang up on Jack. Erika lives to fight another day. The new alliance will be the three girls against Robert and Jee. The next HOH will tell the story.

    Seanaid, with your summaries I don't have to watch the show!


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    Logic - Take One
    In the JeeBert attempt to pressure Ali to bow to their whims, Jee gives her the works. Jee tells Ali not to trust Jun to vote to evict Erika. Jee says "we're all going through stuff, my nicotine, Jun's period. You're probably hearing things from both sides. Think of who has been true to their alliance. Think about who's been honest to you, and who hasn't. When I said I kept you safe, I have."

    Log - Take Two
    Robert does the math. He tells Jee "Anyone of the three girls against you, and you'll win. Anyone of the three girls against me, and I'll win. That's a fact."

    Ali's BB Training Revealed
    She says she trained to come into the house. She says she ate Peanut Butter without bread for a whole week just to prepare herself.

    Great Quotes
    Robert "Jun is immature and conceited. She couldn't even walk next to the girls I know." (yes, streetcorners can be crowded...)

    Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Buehler??
    They're all still sleeping. Go back to your lives, Citizens.

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    Wednesday Morning

    Jack's up. Hello Jack. It was nice knowin' ya. We'll miss your witty sayings, your JFK stories, your FBI tales and your stench as you stink up every single competition that comes your way. Jack's in the kitchen making his death row cup o'Joe and washing his last dish before he rides off to Dana-land.

    Erika asks Jack if they are on lockdown. She tugs on the door to the outside and says yep, they are. Jack says he chased a couple of guys out of the BY this morning. He got up to go pee, and they were in the process of pulling down the shades. Ooops. No Krispy Kremes for the BB production team today!

    Robert slugs his way through the living room. Lockdown? he asks. Check. Jack takes the garbage to the storage room. He and Erika chuckle that they got chlorine when they asked for bread. Evidently the BB production team doesn't listen too well. Or maybe they listen just fine and they don't care whether the hamsters get their stuff or not. Either way, it's good times.
    Tragedy strikes the BB4 house early on eviction morning.

    Jack has made the coffee "too thin".

    I repeat: the coffee is too thin.


    Erika says she is going to sit today and try to conserve energy. She doesn't want to burn any more calories than she has to. Jack says when she came into the house she was "perfect thin". And now? She looks like hell. No, he doesn't say that.

    Jack and Erika talk about the BB production crew he saw this morning. Jack says he hated to interrupt their work, and they totally tore out of the BY when they saw him. Erika asks Jack what they looked like. He says they were both white. One was tall, and one wasn't as tall. That's all he remembers. Erika chuckles and asks Jack if that isn't the worst description someone could ever give a law-enforcement officer. Jack laughs and says yeah.

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