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    Stars sur glace 2008

    I put the Brian´s put already but:

    French Tour 2008:


    Joubert " Aleluya":

    Madeleine - joubert
    Brian :"Sandstomrm"


    Interview of Joubert:


    Vanessa James / Yannick Bonheur

    - Candice Didier

    Kim Lucine

    Gwendoline Didier

    Zoe Blanc / Pierre-Loup Bouquet

    Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Schoenfelder

    Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Schoenfelder (interview)

    Florent Amodio

    Valentina Marchei

    For all moms

    Pernelle Carron / Mathieu Jost

    Adeline Canac / Maximin Coia

    Pernelle Carron /Mathieu Jost

    Isabelle Delobel / Olivier Schoenfelder

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    Too busy to look at all but will finish hopefully tonight.

    Pernelle and Mathieu are so versatile, so elegant, so good It's like watching Garland and Kelly on ice.

    Wish they could find a better lighting than all that blue.


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    Thanks. What a treat. Is this a European tour?

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    It's "Stars sur Glace" - I don't think that they tour outside of France. I love their shows, I watched one a few years ago when I still lived in France.

    Just checked the schedule - they only have shows in France, in most of the bigger cities.

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