My spy made it to the rink in time and she taped the whole event for me.

The rink was quite crowded and she couldn't get the best position to tape the event. The audio for Michelle's interview was not very good as Michelle was very far away from where my spy was standing. She'll make a VCD and send it to me in snail mail. I'm not familiar with the VCD format, I need help here. What do I have to do to upload the file so people can watch it in Window Media or Real player? I guess I'll deal with this later.

Anyway, this is what my spy told me:

1. Michelle was interviewed by the press for about 5-10 minutes.

2. She then came out in the Falling outfit and skated to 2 exhibition numbers. Yes, TWO. She skated to the first song then went back to the backstage. Then Michelle came out and skated to a different song. Since my spy is not a skating fan (just spying for one), she couldn't tell if Michelle was skating to Falling or not.

3. Michelle was posing and skating with Mickey and Minnie for a while.

That was it. The whole thing was done in about 20 minutes. Since my spy doesn't know figure skating much, she couldn't tell me what was Michelle doing on the ice with the exception of Michelle spinning. My spy said Michelle was beautiful with a great body. Michelle was skating very fast with wonderful posture.

If there are any MKFers went to the event, please share your stories with us. voxdeae, did you go?

Thanks luenatic!