I would like to see the ISU discard the qualifying round from the World Championships. In my opinion, this phase of the competition could be discarded and replaced with a compulsory
"low-technical" skate.

I would love to see all of the skaters who qualify for Worlds perform a three-minute routine with single and double jumps.
No triples, no quads. Just singles, doubles, a few required spins, and footwork. Let's see them show their mastery of the basic moves, jumps and spins.

In my opinion, any singles skater who qualifies to compete at Worlds should automatically qualify to skate in the entire competition. Let them ALL skate the compulsory low-technical program, the short program, and the long program.

Granted, this would entail preparing an additional program; however, given its less demanding nature, it could be done and performed with limited wear and tear on the skaters. At the very least, they would not be faced with the prospect of skating their long program twice, and perhaps blowing it the first time and not qualifying for the short program.

If the field remains at 30 skaters or so, that's the way it is. The judges may feel bleary-eyed at judging yet another phase of the competition, so why not bring in a separate judging panel to score just the "low-technical" skate?

I would absolutely LOVE to see the men and women perform routines reminiscent of the golden days of skating - with just singles and doubles.

Just my two cents, of course.