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Thread: Those With Degrees, Are You Using Them

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    No, not at all. I used my music degrees when I taught voice. The pay was dreadful, even on the college level (I taught privately and was also an adjunct prof. and paid hourly). My first BA was in Theater and English, which I am not using at all, at least not directly.

    The real estate salespersons requirements in CA are a joke, but your training really comes on the job. Most people think it's easy money and quit when they realize how much work (and expense--since you're always an independent contractor even when you work for a large, well-known company) are involved. If you had told me a few years ago that this would be my career, I would have LAUGHED in your face! I made a very sudden decision three years ago to change careers because I wanted more flexibility in my work schedule so I could spend afternoons with my daughter, who was then entering first grade, and have never regretted it.

    I am grateful and glad for all the years of education I've been fortunate to acquire. There are skills I learned through the years that have no doubt helped me in what I do today, albeit not in any direct form I could describe in detail. Critical thinking, writing skills, etc.--it's all part of the package I am today.

    I will say that I was a lot happier in college when I returned at 29 for my music degrees than I had ever been at 18-22 for my first degree. I was much more focussed and centered. I knew what I wanted to accomplish.
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