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In this competition, to tell the truth I don't see how it is remotely possible for Alexei to be up to full strength, no matter how determined he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he withdrew.
It's hard for me to make any predictions; I still remember last year's splatfest at Campbell's... which was really strange. I don't know if Alexei can be at his best at all the competitions he signed up for. I think he may put everything into his performances at Campbell's (despite the fact it's not that serious an event), knowing that 1. it's his first competition since he withdrew from SA last year, 2. it's his only chance with Plushenko this year. If he wins that, it can help him do better at the GP events. You know, it'd set up the mood; remind everyone that he's still the force to be reckon with (the good old intimidation tactic ), and boost his spirits for later. It'll be interesting to see what Evgeni does. He could "let this one go" and save his energy for serious competitions, but somehow I don't think that the possibility of dethroning (even if symbolic) the previous champ (not to mention his biggest rival for years) is something he's going to let pass him by. (lol, that sentence probably doesn't make much sense, but I hope it's clear enough what I wanted to say).

So, I think there's a big possibility of a real figth between those two at Campbell's. Let's just hope they're both healthy. And I don't want to see any more injuries this season! (I can't say it often enough)