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Thread: The card I got in the mail (photo)

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    Originally posted by Mathman
    In this competition, to tell the truth I don't see how it is remotely possible for Alexei to be up to full strength, no matter how determined he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he withdrew.
    It's hard for me to make any predictions; I still remember last year's splatfest at Campbell's... which was really strange. I don't know if Alexei can be at his best at all the competitions he signed up for. I think he may put everything into his performances at Campbell's (despite the fact it's not that serious an event), knowing that 1. it's his first competition since he withdrew from SA last year, 2. it's his only chance with Plushenko this year. If he wins that, it can help him do better at the GP events. You know, it'd set up the mood; remind everyone that he's still the force to be reckon with (the good old intimidation tactic ), and boost his spirits for later. It'll be interesting to see what Evgeni does. He could "let this one go" and save his energy for serious competitions, but somehow I don't think that the possibility of dethroning (even if symbolic) the previous champ (not to mention his biggest rival for years) is something he's going to let pass him by. (lol, that sentence probably doesn't make much sense, but I hope it's clear enough what I wanted to say).

    So, I think there's a big possibility of a real figth between those two at Campbell's. Let's just hope they're both healthy. And I don't want to see any more injuries this season! (I can't say it often enough)

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    Norlite, my guess is they got my address from Ticketmaster (I used it once to buy tickets to COI). I remember that I agreed to receive advertisements from the venue (and I did once or twice, one for Pavarotti), but of course I don't mind Ticketmaster sending me advertisements for skating events. :D (I may have agreed to that, too, I don't remember). Other than that only one rink has my address; I really watch whom I'm giving it to (I hate junk mail, bleh).

    Btw, Mathman, you didn't get your card because they knew you wanted one with Michelle in the middle and they were out of those very quickly. But seriously, I think you didn't get the card because you live too far.

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    I don't think Alexei is in the shape he needs to be to challenge Plush.

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    I think that the ladies will be the most interesting.

    Michelle: It is true that she is never at her best at this time of year...but then again Michelle's worst isn't that bad. She just won't have the 6.0 oomph of Nationals and Worlds...but she'll probably be clean and if she's clean she'll obviously win.

    Sasha: I have lost all faith in her. She has had so many chances to do well and she always blows them. Why can't she put together a clean performance? I think it was a mistake switching from John Nicks...there are a few quirks Tatiana Tarasova has added that I don't like.

    Elena and Irina: I have to say, I absolutley them. Their skating is miserable. The Russian women's style is so sloppy and unattractive-they really doesn't hit one nice position. The jumps are sloppy too although they are huge and they can reel of triple-triples when they're on.

    AP: This could be interesting. AP has been skating very well latley, and she came of a great season. The judges didn't give her anything this year, but if she has another good season I think they'll start to give her the high placements she deserves. She is a great all around skater and could do very well. She needs to project more to the audience.

    Fumie: She was so inconsistent last year...who knows what will happen? Her jumps are just perfect and she is so fast. If she puts together a clean performance...she'll probably deserve first over Michelle who will probably be a little boring and double her triple loop like she has gotten into the habit of doing...but they won't give it to her.

    My Predictions:

    1. Michelle Kwan
    2. Fumie Suguri or Ann Patrice McDonough
    3. Fumie Suguri or Ann Patrice McDonough
    4. Sasha Cohen
    5. Irina Slutskaya
    6. Elena Sokolova 5 and 6 are probably interchangable too

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