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Thread: Rudy Galindo's Hip Replacement Surgery

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    I agree, totally! sh

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    I'm generally not a Rudy fan, but when I read about him finishing the "Champions" tour with a broken hip, and the kind of pain he endiured because he didn't want to disappont his fans, I can't help but admire his spirit. I was also happy to hear him say that he'll be back and better than ever once his surgeries are over. I sincerely hope he pulls it off! I've got a whole new respect...

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    he skated with the pain and didn't complain like others,that's whY I respect Rudy so much.

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    Bless your heart, Rudy! Get well soon!

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    Thank you so much for the address, Amanda! I've been waiting for it. I hope he knows how many people think about him and wish him well.

    That said, I don't think it's very wise to skate with such a serious injury. I'm sure his fans would have understood if he had decided not to skate in the tour. Rudy's a wonderful skater and always a joy to watch, but his health should be the main priority for him, as well as for his fans (and I'm sure it is).

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