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Thread: Gymnastics - Team Predictions

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    Gymnastics - Team Predictions

    Hello. It's getting very close to the 2008 Olympic Games and for you gymnastics fans, I want to know who do you think is going to make both the men's and women's U.S. Olympic Team

    Here are my Predictions:

    1.) Paul Hamm
    2.) Morgan Hamm
    3.) Jonathan Horton
    4.) Alexander Artemev
    5.) David Durante
    6.) David Sender

    1.) Shawn Johnson
    2.) Nastia Liukin
    3.) Chellsie Memmel
    4.) Jana Bieger
    5.) Shayla Worley
    6.) Alicia Sacramone

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    who cares,
    since early 1990's when karoly got a hold of the team, i
    the selection never went according to who finished 1-6th.
    they were named ahead of time.
    karoliys picked who they wanted (had in mind )from the previous year who was going to be on the team). except for injuries what karoly wanted they got.

    this prediction is nonsense.
    they have already put down on paper (pencil of course) who is going and maybe some alternates. unless yet went somewhere last year. you aren't going except for paul hamm(provided you believe the injury) i don't why (ahead of time)when supposely just had surgery> you can't be ahead of schedule if you just have surgery (unless not really injured) you can get doctors nowadays to lie about injury . because of money involved. us gymanstics don't lie; please--the track n field (supposedly they didnt know. sure that is how come all the ogm medalist knew ahead of time regarding the drug test (when they was supposedly come unannounced.

    they have the team. it just a matter of announcing it. the people they want are injured free.

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