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Thread: The United Democratic Party - Huh?

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    The United Democratic Party - Huh?

    After today's decision by the DNC, will the Democratic Party be united at the Denver convention in August?

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    Good question-the delegates may stand around and sing Kumbaya, but whether the rank and file Democrats will follow them is an interesting question.

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    They were talking the other day on some news channel about how easy it is for people who have tried to run for president to go back to the senate. For John Kerry it was easy. They say for Hilary it is going to be hard, not only because he is power hungry but also because many of her democratic collegues did not support her... as with Kerry they all supported him.

    As for the original question.....I think they will be united only if Hilary officially concedes. I think that the voters are the ones they need to unite becuase they have interviewed many Hilary supporters who have said that they are going to vote for McCain...especially the ones that are in Florida and Michigan.

    Also, Bill Clinton I believe is a superdelegate....will he vote for Obama?????

    As for Obama picking Hilary for VP...I sure hope not. There is not doubt in my mind that someone will try to off Obama to get to Hilary so that we could have Bill Clinton's third term!!

    VP's usually sit back and don't do a whole lot and I don't think Hilary or Bill for that matter would really be able to do that.

    Regardless, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be an interesting election.

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    All through the primaries, I never thought the Democrat Party was disunited. I just saw the two candidates as a Black Man v. a White Woman. and best of all both wanted to dump Cheney's way of governing.

    The election remains as: Will Cheney's way be maintained by McCain versus Obama's 'We need change'.

    What will help McCain to win would be using one of Cheney's tactics of changing the alert colors a week before the election.

    What will help Obama to win would be to win over those women who hold a 'spite' vote.
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