I have sold most of my video collections
but I have a few items left, e-mail me if interested.

various other skating videos listed


I have copies of the following events e-mail me if
interested. kelkeld34@yahoo.com

various other skating and gymnastics videos listed


Tape #11
Marshalls Skating Challange 06, 07 and 08

Tape #12
Continents cup 2008, pairs, dance, Men LP, women LP

Tape #13
Holiday Celebration on Ice

Tape #14
Kristy Yamaguchi Friends and Family NBC

Tape #15
Nationals 2008 all disciplines and exhibitions

also gymnastics:

Tape #11 93 olympic festival, 94 worlds All around, 95
Rock and Roll challange, 93 nationals, 94 mixed pairs

Tape #12
Dateline 98 coverage on Dominique moceanu,
emancipation from parents, 96 preleude NBC to 96
games, Shannon Miller one more time, 20/20 on Sang
Lang (gymnast injured in 98 good will games)

Tape #13
96 Olympic trials and team and women's compulsories

Tape #14 96 olympics all around compeitiion

Tape #15
96 olympic womens event final competition NBC and Gals
and tour of olympic champion on ABC

Tape #16
94 Recess Challange, 95 Recess challange, 97
internationsl team, ABC coverage 1 hour Nadia's return
to Romania

Tape #17
94 goodwill games 3 hours, Team, AA, EF, Mixed team
93 Worlds AA
94 Worlds women

Tape #18
92 olympics Team and compulsories
92 Tour of champions
93 Olympic festival
93 hilton challange

other non gymnastic items:

Tape #1
"White Oleander" starring Michelle Fifer

Tape #2
First two episodes of the L word from HBO