a spin off to my "black and white" movies thread...

My favorite 3 are
Cary Grant
Kathrine Hepburn
James Stuart

Cary Grant really proves Jim Carry and Adam Sandler are wanna be comedic actors. Yeah call it bashing, but I'm so sick of their foul minded(and mouthed) movies... they're big boys why do they need to show off their four letter repitoire and bathroom humor? It's just stupid. Cary Grant could be subtly funny... his facial expressions and his sarcastic way of saying his lines... he was perfect for every movie...

Kathrine Hepburn had to be the "female version" of Grant... she is so sarcastic in her movies, yet every part the heroine AND the damsel in distress. She was so life like and hilarious... if I were to be an actress I'd want to act like her (on camera anyway... no 27 year affair with a married dude... nope, not for me)

Jimmy Stewart; from It's a Wonderful Life to the Philidelphia Story to Harvey... and so many others... he is just down to earth funny... and yet so serious. I think the only thing I've ever liked of Jim Carry's is his "reinactment" of James Stewart's Harvey performance... the man sounds exactly like him!

ok enough gushing... how about you?