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Thread: Suguri turns to Morozov to regain form

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    News Suguri turns to Morozov to regain form

    Here is an article confirming the move:

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    I really wish skaters would find someone other than Morosov.. they all start to look teh same...

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    It seems as if Fumie is going from one coach to another, year after year, in search of her lost form. She is 27 now and will turn 28 in December. I have always liked her, but sometimes it is time to face the fact that her best skating days are behind her.

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    I think that she is spending too much time changing coaches ever off-season instead of just getting down to work on her jumps. I do not think trying every coach in the book will help at this point. She really was right on the brink of doing well with a silver at Worlds in 2006, but then seemed to have lost her jumps a little. She does not have a 3/3 which seems to be becoming a staple, nor the strech or artistry to override that.

    Don't get me wrong, i love Fumie, and would like nothing more than to see her comeback with a great season, but it dosent look promising.

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